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There is no such thing as “disability” for cats — 12 Comments

  1. I really admire the caretaker of Honey Bee. They are obviously great people. I have experienced in my life that we go for a perfect pet, and many a times I have seen people neglecting the disabled pets. I love the way they deal with Honey Bee. <3

    We are not cat lovers until we love and care those babies who really needs us when we are there.

    Thank you very much Michael to let us know the fact of true loving cat caretaker on PoC, thank you very very much. <3 <3 <3

      • I know Michael, your Charlie was three legged cat 🙁

        God bless you and please let us inform if you have a new baby (CAT) at home???

      • I know Michael when Mr Jinks broke his leg in 2 places and and it wasn’t healing everything seemed against us I promised him that whatever happened I would make it ok. I promised myself that if he did lose his leg them he would stay with us forever.

        Vets told us that animals cope very well with disability and if he lost his leg it would make him easier to re-home because he would get the ‘sympathy vote’. Well that may be the case but I wasn’t going to disable him just to make his re-homing easier! so the CPL and I fought for that leg and after normal vets, specialists, operations, xrays, examinations we won and I’m glad we did. We still haven’t managed to home him but I’m still trying and he goes nowhere until he finds a home that is perfect for him.

        I am glad I fought for his leg because while I understand he would have managed with 3 he will always be better off with 4.

        He has been brave through it all, brave beyond belief I felt humbled at all he went through, not just the surgeries and discomfort but the coping with being on restricted movement and being kept mainly in a pen for 5 months. I can honestly say a person wouldn’t have been able to go though what he went though and come out the other end the same person. We have a lot to learn from the way animals cope that’s for sure.

  2. Darling kitty.
    So many people would call Honey Bee one of the “throw away cats” and do.
    She has wonderful caretakers who have adapted to her, and not the other way around.

      • I think its because she is completely eyeless she reminds us of well known people who have the same look…. Andrea Bocelli, Stevie Wonder… they look up as if they can see you and they seem to have the same expression perhaps I’m wrong but thats how it feels for me ………..

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