There Is One Known Jaguar in America

The IUCN Red List (the “experts”) says that there are some “vagrant” jaguars in America close to the Mexican border. They are correct except that there is only one known jaguar in the entire United States and it has been filmed by a camera trap. You can see the video below. It was filmed in the Santa Rita Mountains of Arizona which are towards the border with Mexico.

The population of the jaguar in the world is declining as expected. The main reason is deforestation rates which are high in South America. Also the jaguar competes with humans for prey and jaguars are shot on site by locals despite being protected by legislation. Obviously it is not enforced. Jaguars are also killed by ranchers because the jaguar may attack livestock because there is no prey. There is still demand apparently for jaguar body parts such as paws and teeth and other products – the usual story if we are honest. Humans still have a morbid fascination with the body parts of large wild cat species.

The Jaguar is considered to be “Vulnerable” (a technical term classifying its chances of survival in the wild) by the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species.

I think is interesting that there is only one known Jaguar in the USA because there is speculation by those who are interested in how many jaguars are left in the USA. This video apparently gives us the answer. America is considering building a conservation reserve for the jaguar in America on the border with Mexico and this page discusses that possibility. The area where the reserve will be sited is close to where the jaguar in the video was filmed.

The jaguar is the third-largest wild cat in the world and the cat with by far the strongest bite.

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    • Nice thought Dee and a wise thought because without a mate he/she won’t leave any more jaguars behind when she passes on and then there will be no known jaguars in the USA!


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