There may be some tragic news about the 20 feral cats removed from Industry City

There may be some tragic news about the 20 cats removed from Industry City* back in September 2017. This PoC article posted September 30 will bring readers up to date. I’m posting what information I have and hope a few of the readers who have followed the case can add to it in the comment section.

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In late October a gruesome discovery was found by a group of Girl Scouts along Garrison Creek, which is one of the sites Squash Exterminating admitted to releasing the feral cats they had trapped.

Troop leader Grace Scotto spoke with PIX11 News reporter Arnold Diaz who covered the story (see video, which is slow to load)

Grace is not only upset over her girls finding seven dead cats spread along the shore in trash bags, she’s also questioning how they died.

Arnold posted on his Facebook page

“The cats were found in plastic bags. They had been in the water. They were also put in larger plastic bags and were picked up by the Sanitation Department, along with all the trash from the beach cleanup.”

A group of feral caregivers believes some of the cats joined their colony since descriptions of their new cats match up with some of the cats removed from Industrial City.

A total of 13 cats are unaccounted for, according to PIX11. My question is this: some are saying the cats found in trash bags match up to the descriptions of some of the missing cats and others say they don’t match the description. If some of the cats have found a new home with an established colony then why are 13 still listed as unaccounted for?

Please comment if there is updated information on this case. I did learn the pest control company was let off yesterday with no fines or other punishment.

*Industry City (formerly Bush Terminal) is a historic intermodal shipping, warehousing, and manufacturing complex on the waterfront in the Sunset Park neighborhood of Brooklyn, New York City.

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