These Cats Are 13 Years Apart In Age And You Can Tell

The difference in reaction to the cat tease is very noticeable to put it mildly. The video maker says “Active and Cool Cat” and there is probably a personality factor here as well but the big difference is the young cat’s desire to play and the old cat’s lack of interest in playing.

3 thoughts on “These Cats Are 13 Years Apart In Age And You Can Tell”

  1. I’ve never seen a cat of any age, stare ahead in the midst of a moving object in front of them. Even if a cat doesn’t go after something, they usually look at it. But this cat seems to be staring at something else, almost oblivious to the moving object. This seems very unusual to me.

    • It does seem strange that there’s not the slightest flicker of interest on the white cat’s face.

      Maybe the cat has outgrown an interest in toys, but it could just as easily be down to personality or the way the toy is being manipulated. The fast, repetetive, movement of that toy may not realistically mimic prey movements sufficiently to trigger the cat’s interest.


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