These New Year’s Resolutions are the “Cat’s Meow”, according to our kitties

Since we soon will be ringing in the New Year, Sir Hubble Pinkerton, Master Aki and Mr.Edgar Allen Poe asked me to share some of their thoughts about what kitty guardians should be thinking about when making their Mew Year’s resolutions. They are dictating their suggestions, many of which I personally do not agree with. But they assure me that your cats will totally concur with their ideas. This is what they have to say.

Sir Hubble Pinkerton
Sir Hubble Pinkerton
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Sir Hubble said,

“We are so relieved that 2016 is coming to an end. I know that lots of hoomans have been stressed out this year. I am hoping that the New Year will bring y’all some good cheer. To welcome in 2017 with a bang, many of you two-legged ones are already making plans to party hearty, spiffing up your wardrobes, and buying a lot of those noisy, ear-splitting fireworks which you will set off to entertain your neighborhood precisely at the stroke of midnight. We must say that we are not thrilled with this part of the celebration.

We spent considerable time putting our heads together; mulling over what we consider important changes that hoomans must make while dreaming up those annual promises that you make to yourselves. But even if you don’t keep your personal resolutions we insist that you carry out our suggestions to a “T”. If you do your kitties will be so content and happy that they will shower you with an abundance of gratitude, love and affection. It may make your life a teeny bit more complicated for a little while, but it will pay out in spades. PROMISE!

I am particularly concerned about those cats who are finicky eaters. I suggest that hoomans keep on hand a very wide selection of different flavored cat foods from which to choose. After all, when you furless-two leggeds are opening cans while following your cat around the house, it will give you your much needed exercise. Win- Win!!”

Edgar Allen Poe
Edgar Allen Poe

Edgar Allen Poe chimed in,

“My pet peeve (pardon the pun) is having my nails trimmed. Since claws are designed for climbing, hanging on to legs and grabbing shiny objects off bookshelves, this is my advice! Throw away all yer nasty nail clippers and please do let our nails grow in au natural. After all those scratching posts you bought really keep our claws in tip-top shape.”


Aki could hardly wait to add in his opinion. Jumping up and down in excitement and tilting his head to one side he said,

“Besides being fed several times a day, playtime is what makes me the happiest. I think that Hoomans should play with us whenever we feel like it. I don’t care if hoomans are tired and just home from work. But, the playtime is ideal right before a meal. After all, Jackson Galaxy, the world-acclaimed feline behavior expert’s mantra is, “hunt,-eat-sleep.

Using interactive play is strongly recommended by all professional feline behaviorists; at least those who are worth their weight in catnip! Interactive keeps us entertained, prevents boredom and discharges our heightened energy which, when not released, can lead to major destruction. Just keep those feather- feline fliers handy at the front door so you can start playing with as soon as you get home.”

We hope that by making these simple little changes in your daily routine that you will reap the greatest rewards; happy contented kitties in your lap, purring up a storm. Have a very happy Mew Year!

If your kitties have any other suggestions for the hairless two-legged ones, please have them add them in a comment. We cats MUST stick together.


Credits: Photos by Jo Singer.

Aki and Hubble snuggling
Aki and Hubble snuggling

6 thoughts on “These New Year’s Resolutions are the “Cat’s Meow”, according to our kitties”

  1. The girls here agree with your handsome young men… great resolutions!! The girls want something to hunt besides toys! In the old house there was the occasional mouse and there were lots of birds at the feeders. They want that again! Sending Happy New Years to all of you and head bonks for my nephews. >^.,.^<

  2. We think our human should make the following resolutions.
    1. No leaving home fur extended purriods. EVER
    2. No other cats to come into our house. EVER
    3. If we catch a bird, it has had to come into our cat enclosure (catio) to be available to us. Therefore it is a suicidal bird and wants to die. Let us have it and don’t attempt to take it away from us. EVER
    4. No vet visits UNLESS we request to be taken there in writing, in triplicate, and then don’t believe it.
    Cisco and Pancho


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