These three Maine Coons will make you want one

Three Maine Coon cats who will make you want one
Three Maine Coon cats who will make you want one
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This is a short video of three magnificent Maine Coon cats. This breed is head and shoulders above others for standout attractiveness when they are bred to type. When the Maine Coon has that special Maine Coon look they are awesome.

These three are probably siblings. Two have a very unusual coat pattern with a dark mask over the face while the third is a grey tabby. All three are tabbies, however.

The Maine Coon cat lends itself to having the facial expression of a human. I have seen Maine Coons who are more human in their faces than these but you can see it here too.

The middle fella has super ‘ear furnishings‘ – the curly white eat hair. Their muzzles are pronounced and their ears large and tall. The lynx tips to their ears are not as dramatic as I have seen in other great looking Maine Coons.

Ten of the best Maine Coon cats that you will see

I think these three will have turned the heads of those who have seen them. They’ll want to own one. Just make sure that you are fully au fait with cat behaviour and the costs of looking after a cat for their lifetime.

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