They all died because he wanted to have pet lions

This guy, living in Czechoslovakia, wanted to have pet lions. He acquired two. The police were called to his home in Zdechov. They found two lions in an enclosure with his body. He had been mauled to death.

Pet lions shot dead

Pet lions shot dead. Photo: Dalibor Gluck.

The police shot dead the lion that killed the man as well as a lioness. All of them ended up dead well before the natural end of their lives. All because this 33-year-old man wanted to have pet lions. He had been denied permission to keep them and it is a classic example of why big cats should never be kept as pets. The worst of it is that the innocent cats were shot.

You could argue that the man deserved his fate. That’s the sort of argument I could almost bring myself to make but the cats? Why should they be shot? Why should they be put through this sort of hell of living in small cages in a country where they are not meant to live? They are the innocent victims.

There is still a fascination among a tiny percentage of people in the West who fancy the idea of having a pet lion or tiger. It just is not worth it. It’s bad for the person and for the cat. It promotes the concept of captive animals which is a bad concept. Private zoos are ghastly places in my opinion.

Big cats need huge amounts of territory and private zookeepers keep them in tiny cages. It’s just not a good thing to do from any point of view. It’s cruel and immoral. It is gross human self-indulgence. And it can end up with all of them dead.

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Source for this story. I added my thoughts as this is an opinion piece.

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They all died because he wanted to have pet lions — 4 Comments

  1. I’m sorry for the lions. But their fate would have been either a zoo or being euthanized. Their chances of a decent life are minimal at best. Not sorry the idiot is dead. No one needs a wild animal as a pet. No one needs to take a wild animal out of the wild to breed with domestic pets.

    • Yes, the lions should never have been there in the first place. This is the human fascination with possessing exotic creatures. It is terribly self-indulgent and in a better world it would be banned universally.

  2. Good! I’m glad he’s fucking dead. One less asshole in the world. He should never have had these lions in the first place!! Wild animals are just that. WILD! The have a right to their freedom. These poor souls all died because of this fuck! My sadness is for the lions who died for no reason!

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