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They are not ‘trash cats’ says cat rescue lady. She is wrong.

Two nice sisters, Jana and Kristy Meeks, are rescuing semi-feral cats from buildings due to be demolished to make way for a new car park in Bunning Park, Rock Springs, Wyoming. Jana said:

“There are people who think these are trash cats, but I don’t think that’s right.”

No Trash Cats

The truth is that no cat can be described as a ‘trash cat’. In fact the most unwanted, helpless, diseased and hopeless cat in a dilapidated building is the opposite to a trash cat. He or she is a cat which more than others demands our love and care. The more trashy a cat, in the eyes of the unknowing, the more we have an obligation to care for that cat.

That’s the way life should work if it is decent. Perhaps Jana is agreeing with me when she says ‘I don’t think that’s right’. Perhaps she means it is not right to refer to any cat as a trash cat.

Jana and Kristy get to work rescuing cats. Photo:

Jana and Kristy are not working with a recognised rescue group. They felt a need to care for the feral cats living in a derelict building and developed a plan for the cats with the assistance of volunteers Melinda Bass and Suzannah Gambell, in collaborating with local animal organisations.

They are working with the Red Desert Humane Society to assess which cats can be adopted. Rock Springs Animal Control are also involved by lending the cat traps and helping with setting them down. Also a local veterinarian, Cameron Eilts, has agreed to assist at a discounted rate.

“It’s so sad because no one takes responsibility for these cats. Somebody has got to help…When you see how stressed they are, it’s good they will have a chance to live a normal life. Plus, we are getting them fixed so they stop having babies.” (Kristy)

All in all this has panned out really nicely. And none of the cats are trash cats because there is no such cat.


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  • I like Jana & Kristy. I like the way they just got on with it and helped those cats. Sometimes, you just have to. Good to see the stresses of living the feral life mentioned too.

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