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They’ve Bottled The Scent of the Domestic Cat’s Forehead

Business has wised up. All the world’s cat lovers know about the sweet nutty scent of their cat’s forehead which they recognise when they kiss their cat at that favoured spot. Perhaps the forehead of a domestic cat is the most commonly kissed area. Personally, I kiss my cat almost all over and he likes it. I think on this website we have discussed the smell of domestic cat before. We know how sweetly delicious the smell is. Ignorant cat haters just don’t get it.

Bottled Scent of domestic cat’s forehead

In Japan they have bottled cat head scent! A ground-breaking company, and I would say an enlightened company, has decided to chemically formulate the scent of the feline forehead (it won’t be anywhere near as good!). Before I go on, I’d like to say that some people, dare I say it ignorant people, think that the domestic cat does not smell nice. This is completely wrong and is highly misleading. Domestic cats are very clean creatures.

Domestic cat’s forehead scent

The company which is bottling the scent of the domestic cat head is appropriately called Felissimo. It is a company which specialises in all things to do with the domestic cat. They surveyed their customers to work out what the scent of the domestic cat’s forehead smelt like. Some customers said that it smelt of sunshine or a “futon being dried in the sun”. Others said that it smelt like “sweet bread”. To me it’s more a nutty type of sweet smell and it smells of freshness and cleanliness as well.

In fact, it is worthwhile smelling your cat because if he or she does not smell sweet and pleasant then you may ask yourself questions about his or her health or at least make a mental note as to why he smells different.

The scent of the perfume which has been created appears to be called “fabric water” (no idea why – possibly a Japanese misinterpretation of the English language). Rocket News reports that:

“The head of Yamamoto Perfumery took the job of recreating the scent quite seriously, spending time sniffing the foreheads of furry felines at cat cafes to check the similarity between fragrances.”

It appears that the company is selling the product within Japan and not shipping internationally.

I think this is a little story which simply confirms that the scent from a well cared for domestic cat is very pleasant and one of the many factors which attracts us to our cat companion. It’s nice to see that businesses can latch onto something that cat lovers have known for years albeit to make some money out of it but at least they’re recognising the fact that domestic cats smell nice.

One last point: even stray and feral cats will often smell nice because the cat is fastidious about personal hygiene. Despite difficulties for the stray cat he/she will normally keep pretty clean. Although on occasions the pressures of life outside prevent natural and desired behaviour to be expressed or natural behaviour is overwhelmed by lifestyle events.

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    I need to archive this page as proof too.

    Bestiality-practicing Michael spewed, "Personally, I kiss my cat almost all over".


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