Thieves are shaving cats to check if they are spayed

Nottinghamshire, UK – News & Comment: There are reports of cat thieves shaving female cats to check if they are spayed as their intention is to breed from them. They are latching on to the current surge in pet adoptions due to the pandemic and which is most noticeable in relation to dogs particularly French bulldogs. They expect high prices for kittens.

Ragdoll shaved to check if she is spayed
Ragdoll shaved to check if she is spayed. Photo: Sonia Eggleston.
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But purebred cats allowed to wander outside are susceptible too. In this instance Sonia Eggleston, 39, said that her Ragdoll cat Bubba had the left flank and underside shaved last Monday. It would have been mystifying at first to her until she realised the intention of these thieves.

She lives in East Leake. She said that others had reported the same crime. They’ve shared information on social media. About five cats have suffered the same assault.

Good looking moggies are also vulnerable to these sick criminals.

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