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Think Like a Cat to Study Feline Intelligence — 10 Comments

  1. Living with cats my whole life has taught me that they are extremely intelligent for the most part. Occasionally you find a stupie one. I believe that their minds are just to busy to be bothered with testing. As for intelligence? Well, opening the refrigerator, self training to use the commode and flushing, turning on the TV with the remote and turning lights off and on seems pretty smart to me and that was just one cat. The intelligence really appeared when we added child proof cupboard clips. It didn’t take long for the cat to figure them out.
    All you have to do is live with a cat to learn what scientists find so hard to research. Cat are very smart.

  2. Interesting article and I think the two quotes from David Grimm were very apt. He seems like someone who knows and respects cats.

    Christian Agrillo on the other hand sounds not so much of a cat lover. His frustrations at their unwillingness to co-operate may have clouded his opinion of their intelligence. He’s also trying to compare a solitary predator with animals who hunt or forage together in groups. That difference alone will account for variations in their behaviours. For example; is the cat stupid because he continues to persevere with an “impossible” task. Or is he showing intelligence and tenacity by attempting different ways to achieve that goal? Is the dog more intelligent because he realises early on the same task is impossible. Or is he lazy/less intelligent because he then looks to his owner to solve the puzzle for him?

  3. Not ashamed to admit that i have adapted a lot of my cats traits into my own human intuition as a “Speculator entrepreneur”.Its not easy surviving in Mumbai and also lead a good life and my cats have taught me to always be on the alert and also never worry much about things or situations that are beyond your control. Yes, i am a bit of a “Cat Man” !Didn’t we humans invent the aeroplane after admiring birds in flight ?

  4. Well maybe the researchers should’ve just watched the two amazing tv 2014 documentaries on exactly this, plus more.
    BBC2 Horizon-The secret lives of the cat and BBC Catwatch 2014.

  5. Cats like prey that moves. Have the scientists tried to get the kitties to “follow the bouncing ball?” If there was food in it for him, Pancho would give it a go. Cisco wants to know who’s asking.

  6. Great comments so far! And to keep mine within the ToS, Cats are extremely intelligent. For a wonderful example, read A STREET CAT NAMED BOB by James Bowen. Bob, of course, is a unique individual, as each cat is. There are countless examples of feline intelligence. I would submit that just living so successfully among so many species that can be harmful, such as humans, dogs, etc., in such an often-threatening environment (due to human overpopulation, development, pollution, despoilation, etc.) could only be achieved by an extremely intelligent species.

  7. I had a tuxedo cat named Muffin. Muffin learned how to open the cabinet door where I kept all of the dog/cat food. It took him some time. One night, I kept hearing this thud. I looked in the kitchen, and there was Muffin trying, over and over again, to get the door to open wide enough for him to get in. He kept this up for like 30 min. until he finally got the door to swing. From that time on, I had to keep a chair by that door. When I didn’t, Muffin would get it open, and, then, all the cats and dogs had a ball eating anything they could open with their teeth. Once, when I was out of town, I left instructions with my house sitter to keep the chair by the cabinet door. She really didn’t believe me and left the house one day without the chair blocking the door. I got this frantic phone call from her because, when she got home, the kitchen floor was filled with bits and pieces of whatever food everyone had been feasting on while she was gone…Fortunately, I also kept extra food in the garage so my animals still had something to eat before I came home….I’ve always said that Muffin was the smartest animal I’ve ever owned…..

    • I always knew cats were intelligent, but our 2 year old Maine Coon has taken it to new levels. I found it hard to believe till I saw him do some of these things with my own eyes. He take the paper out of the printer… not one by one, but he removes the entire stack and sets it on the floor in one neat pile. Then he lifts and removes the tray!!

      He loves to take apart his water fountain! Yup, he removes the top, takes out the filter and then removes the reservoir too!

      For those who know about plugs in the hurricane impact doors… he takes them out. I have a hard time doing it with my fingers… he uses his teeth!!

      I should have known he was creative when he removed the chrome rings in the overflow drains of our bathroom sinks. (which BTW I wanted to do because my faucets are bronze and the chrome didn’t match!! Who knew it could be done! WTG Pickles!!)

      So, there ya have it!! Intelligent?! My cat has it all over us!! Now to just get him to put the plugs back in, and the printer and water fountain back together!!

  8. I enjoyed the article. What comes across is that the domestic cat is willfully independent. We know that. They’ll do as they please and if you want to get a cat to do something you have to use your intelligence.

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