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Thinking and contemplation time with your cat — 2 Comments

  1. This is interesting, since I believe that rather than think more, people need to “feel” more. We seem to be ruled by our brains, more than our hearts.

    When I sit with Mitzy in my lap, or she lies next to me in bed, all thinking ceases, and I just feel the contentment of being next to this little warm body, which may also be purring. I feel the sweet taste of trust she places in me. I feel the softness of her fur. I watch the rhythm of her breathing, and feel joyful that she’s alive with me at this time. I feel thankful that she has come through a tough time with health issues. I feel the joy of being her guardian.

    There’s plenty of time for thinking, but when I’m with her, that’s my time for feeling and being in the present moment. Thinking usually takes us away from the present by dwelling in the past, or planning the future.

    The cat’s gift is the “present”.

    • I like your comment. I think you are probably describing a form of contemplation rather than thinking in a strict sense. And I totally agree that there is a lot of pleasure, calmness and joy really in sitting or lying next to your cat when they are grooming or snoozing.

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