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Third-hand Cigarette Smoke and Cat Health — 6 Comments

  1. I have never smoked but common sense would tell me not to around cats just in case it affected them in some way.
    I worry about chemicals and we always buy the eco friendly cleaners and never use them if the cats are in that room, yet it says on the container harmless to animals once dry. As we only use products not tested on animals, how do they know that?
    As Dee so rightly says it’s all a mystery.
    This whole modern world and the mean or selfish way many people behave now is a mystery to me at times 🙁

    • This is what concerns me. No one except people like me is concerned about the hidden effects on cats of chemicals in manufactured products and in this case toxins in smoke. We certainly don’t understand what is going on. Perhaps nothing is happening. In which case all well and good but we need to know.

      • Yes we need to know. Also it worries me that vets who are the ones supposed to care for animals, push those chemical flea treatments on clients, some even recommend using them monthly. How can that not eventually harm those cats? There are so many potential dangers now I don’t think progress is doing the animal world much good at all.

  2. Not sure.
    It seem like quite a stretch really.
    There are so many toxins that can be deposited on surfaces for cats to come in contact with; but, there are no studies as to how long these toxins remain as a threat.
    When I clorox or Lysol my counters, how long should I prevent my cats from walking all over them?
    When a guest defacates in the main bathroom toilet, how long should a cat wait before drinking out of it?
    It’s all a mystery.

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