Third suspect in NC cat mutilation case arrested. The district attorney dismissed all charges

This story is one that I ‘guaran-damn-tee’ you will get your blood to boiling. According to an April 12 report by The Charlotte Observer, the third suspect wanted for animal cruelty after posting photos of a mutilated cat on Instagram has been arrested.

animal cruelty case
charges dropped against Zackery Greene since other two were found not guilty
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Now here’s where it gets interesting. Jace Greene, 29, and Shariah Metzger, 26 were accused of improper burial of an animal and instigating cruelty to animals. They were found not guilty in February. So what does the district attorney do with Mr. Zackery Eugene Greene? He dismissed all charges against the man!

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A sweet 2-year-old grey cat named Kitty was killed but justice won’t be served. As I’ve said before, even with evidence and witnesses to an act of animal cruelty doesn’t help the animals of North Carolina. Cases are either dropped or plea bargained down to nothing.

So the next time you see a mutilated cat strung up and sliced open and posed with needles in its body and drugs in its mouth, just consider the case closed because that’s what local government will do.

I hope you three enjoy your freedom (NOT!!). Once you graduate up to harming or killing a person you may not get out of it so easily. If you get out of it at all. Break into the wrong home and you could end up dead because people in the south protect their own.

A lot of investigative work was done into those who ride the rails to get from place to place. Even the people who do that and have heard about this trio are infuriated because these three give all the rail riders a bad name. That’s how appreciated this ‘innocent’ woman and her two male friends are thought of in their own cliche.

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3 thoughts on “Third suspect in NC cat mutilation case arrested. The district attorney dismissed all charges”

  1. This is such a slap in the face to what justice should be. Justice, the law, all a big fat joke. This is a sick evil devil. When he gets it I hope it is really really bad. What makes it worse is that the people in this town did not rise up and make these people pay for what they did.

  2. My guess is since the other 2 were found not guilty he didn’t want to bother with a trial for the 3rd one.


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