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  1. Welcome Michael but also if you look closely,it has balding patches all over its legs and hind end. That is a classic symptom of Feline FAD (Flea Allergy Dermatitis).

  2. If ye noticed and looked real close his back end looked dirty and if this is a recurring issue then the owner should have started bathing the cat as a kitten so it would be used to water in it’s adult years,many years ago before becoming a vet tech I worked at a groomers shop and every thursday I bathed 2 persians and dried them but they were used to it.

    • What if this is a rescue cat? It’s impossible to retrain a cat if you haven’t had the kitty from kittenhood!
      For example, I would love my lovely to go outside in my huge garden but she only feels safe using her litter box inside, in a safe corner and for me to be present when she uses it.

  3. Most likely the cat has a incontinence iss and needs his butt washed looks like a bobtail and that can be a issue some get their butts washed better then others! Mine says NOOOYOYOYO!

  4. Took my veteran 8 year old Traditional Persian cat “Matahari” to the “Indian Cat Federation Cat Show” in Mumbai on Sunday (11-10-2015) where she was examined by South African Judge Mr Anthony.Aldum. His comments were that a “WHITE PERSIAN CAT” should be bathed weekly to keep the fur spotlessly white.My cat’s fur was a bit yellowish.Age also takes its toll and at 8 + years she was definitely not a cat beaty queen. I got to know the judging standards in a normal cat show. This was the second cat show held in Mumbai.A video clip of the show :-

    • Nice to hear from you Rudolph. Hope you are well. It was a good idea to get the input of a judge. It must have been an interesting experience. I am pleased that Mumbai has its regular cat show these days. India has come on a long way in the purebred cat world. Are you going to bathe her weekly?! Will she accept it? I suppose if a person wishes to show his cat at shows bathing is necessary but for day to day life it isn’t.

      • Hi Michael. I just took my cat as a formality and don’t ever intend showing her as a competitor in any future “Cat Show”.I future i will just take my cats for display and not competition. Cat Matahari at 8 years is too old and 6 year old male cat “Matata” is a miniature leopard who can’t be handled by any strangers.The cat shows in India are still in their infancy but definitely is here to stay.

        • Yes, I can understand your thinking. Nice to have a judge’s thoughts though. I wonder if the organisers of the show have seen an American cat show. It might be interesting for them.

  5. Stupid humans tormenting a cat for 15 seconds of fame on You Tube.

    Every cat I’ve ever had has always yelled out “Oh Noooo!” on the rare occasion when I had to clip their claws. Since that is a necessary evil I always clip as quickly but safely as I can and I’ll give them a treat afterwards. I pill my cats only as a last resort. I will crush the pill up in wet food and administer it that way.

  6. Just like the cat in the video, my black panther-like Akira was extremely loud and vocal and fearsomely intelligent. The word “no” was in his impressive vocabulary as well. Akira wanted what he wanted and wasn’t afraid to vocalize if he didn’t get his way. For example, on warm and sunny afternoons I’d take him out in the backyard to take in some sun. When it was time to go in, he’d fight with all of his might and literally scream with a sound that resembled a wailing infant. Once inside, all was forgotten. I can only imagine what the neighbors thought…

    I felt Akira’s vocalization was just part of who he was, but Akira’s loud voice didn’t win him many friends when it came time for vet and emergency visits. I once had to leave him overnight at an emergency clinic after he suffered a seizure, only to find him the next morning with a cone around his head and a note on his kennel door warning that he was “vicious.”

    At least the people in the video working with the cat didn’t seem to be frightened or angry with the cat’s vocalization (as some people tended to be with my cat Akira); however, I found the bathtub scene somewhat disturbing in that the cat could have hurt himself in the struggle to get in the tub. It seems to me the tub design could have been better (softer material and sloping edges) to avoid injury and more agitation than necessary.

  7. Oh my god, I am livid, outraged, beside myself… how many ways are there to say it? I have to take a pill, ANY pill. I am so pissed off. That is NOT the way to bathe a cat! And that cat KNOWS it! He KNEW that was going to happen too. He may as well have been saying no, because I know he meant it. Those people might have been well-meaning, but… (ugh) ARGGGGGG! I want to strangle her! How can I get in touch with her? Michael, PLEASE either take this down or ask for a video that shows the correct, humane way to bathe a cat. This was horribly primitive and traumatic to the cat. Nothing less than water torture! I will make a video showing how to do this if one can’t be found. I already had to make a “how to” regarding pilling a cat, because I found so many of those to be objectionable too. AHHHH! I’m still angry!

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