This cat has two families who love him and both are okay with that

This is Pixi, a sweet cat who lives in Mexico. Pixi is lucky that instead of having only one family he has two families who love him and both are okay with the arrangement.

cat with two families
Pixi has 2 families who love him (Mary Lore Barra)
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It began around two years ago when the sweet gray kitten showed up at his owner Mary Lore Barra’s home. He was a feeble but friendly kitten and Mary, being an animal lover, decided to give Pixi a forever home.

Pixi soon developed a love for adventure and would explore around the town. He would come and go at his own pace but would return home for food and affection. Then he’d be off again to explore the world.

Mary was surprised when Pixi returned home recently wearing a collar she’d never seen. Not only that, Pixi was gaining weight! It didn’t take long for Mary to guess Pixi was cheating on her with another family. So she wrote a note and placed it under his collar before sending him on his way.

“My name is Pixi the cat. I think he has two houses haha.”

cat wearing note
both families started passing notes (Mary Lore Barra)

Pixi soon returned home with a new note written by someone else.

“Here he is called Huarache. It appears that he does have two houses haha. Greetings!”

Mary told Pixi she knew his secret before placing a new note introducing herself to his other family. She let them know Pixi was up to date on his vet visits in case his second family had planned on taking him in. She commented on the situation during an interview with The Dodo

“Pixi is very lucky. Some cats don’t even have a home [let alone two]. I know they’re good people, because they take care of him.”

It’s nice to see that Pixi has two places he can call home. And that both families are sharing in his care. There are so many cases out there of people fighting over cat ownership that it’s sweet to see he’s being cared for and loved. I wonder whether the two families have met? Now THAT would be a good story.

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