This cat looks like he is in a state of ecstasy

This cat looks like he is in a state of ecstasy from the look on his face. His eyes are shut while awake indicating contentment. But he looks more than content; he’s ecstatic. It seems as if the combination of the music and close contact with his human guardian has created this state of complete contentment.

We don’t know how music affects cats. You can buy cat music but I am not sure how effective it is and whether cats enjoy music. I wonder if, in this example, it is a combination of (a) close contact with his human companion and (b) the music being played by a person to whom the cat is close which results in this state pure pleasure. I sense that the music is a factor. However, to the cat the music may be interpreted as a sound from his human companion. The piano music and the person become synonymous to the cat. I am speculating. If that is the case the music becomes and extension of the person and it surrounds the cat making him unusually happy – in fact ecstatic.

2 thoughts on “This cat looks like he is in a state of ecstasy”

  1. This puss is definitely blissed out. There’s some very slow milk treading going on too. A sure sign of ecstacy.

    That’s a very beautiful video, I will be bookmarking this for when I need a little antidote to the state of the world.

    Love is all.

  2. What a beautiful example of pure love.

    I think the cat is ecstatic because he loves the man, and the man returns the cat’s love. The music is an extension of the man’s love for the cat.

    The music affects the cat similarly to the way my laughter affects my cat, Rex. When I got him, I was grieving for another cat. Rex seemed to understand the grief and did all sorts of things to make me laugh. Some of the things were similar to what the previous cat did to show her love. Sometimes I wonder if she whispered in his ear before going to the Rainbow Bridge. Although I don’t really believe that happens, it sure does sound very comforting to a broken heart.


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