This Cat Picture Disturbs People. It Shouldn’t

This ginger tabby-and-white cat has had the lower half of his body shaved in preparation for surgery. When humans are reminded that the domestic cat has skin and flesh beneath that gloriously furry coat they apparently become squeamish and find it peculiar.

Ginger tabby-and-white cat prepped for surgery
Ginger tabby-and-white cat prepped for surgery
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One said:

“It looks like they took random cat pieces and put him together”.

“His nakedness makes me uncomfortable.”

Another added: “Why am I always surprised that animals have skin under their fur?”

The picture was posted online by a friend of the cat’s owner:

“My friends cat had surgery and now he has no pants”

– and has since been viewed by more than two million people.

Personally I don’t see anything unnatural about it. Why should we? Do you?

Some have likened his appearance to a turkey. I can see the likeness but it is simply because we are looking at two hind legs and the abdomen. It is just circumstantial. This cat looks like he is a very nice character to me by the way.

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