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  1. Since I was in Property Management in my early 20’s: We have ‘Section 8 Housing’ which I actually did some bookkeeping tasks on a couple of these apartment complexes. The idea is that a section of a property be designated section 8 and the income comes from the rest of the property, with a year-end subsidy coming from the US Government at the end of the year. [Side note: The US Government pays bills only once a year. They incur a years worth of late fees paying it all off in one large check at years end.]

    I have a huge group of older folks, some alone, some taking care of a very sick spouse and others with spouses, who have 12-19 yr old cats that they’ve had for the cats entire life. I notice the ‘vibe’ I get from these kitties in the pix and vids they constantly share. They are loved. They are part of the family. They are companions, they are comforters and they are someone to talk to and talk about. God bless those beautiful little beasties. I’ve only seen my mom cry twice. Once when my big brother went off to university and when her Fluffy died. God bless those little paws.

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