This Enigmatic Russian Blue!

This Enigmatic Russian Blue!

by Natalia
(Utrecht, Netherlands)

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"Wow, she is amazing, she is cute and, yes, she is Blue from neat pretty head to neat pretty tail."

We specialize in breeding rare and the not so far, famed ancient breed of Russian Blue.

As cats are very special among all other animals, the Russian Blues deserve the exceptional position among all other Cats.

They deserve our love because they touch our souls...

Natalia response to Michael's note below

I started breeding Russian Blue cats recently. Before, during my life, I had animals in my home, dogs and cats.

Although, it is very small, but I have a cattery. It's name is Caritates. The website is being built and my son takes care of it. You can visit it at

This beautiful picture of Camelia was made by a professional photographer. Among the others this one is the best. I like it very much. Camelia is a real model, her artistic poses always evoke admiration.


Hi Natalia.. Fantastic photograph of a special cat.

I don't know the name of your cattery and if you have a website the URL of the website.

I would be pleased to provide a link to your website if you have one.

And if you have more photos please feel free to email me and I'll upload them.

Michael Avatar

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