This is a memorial to my little kitty, lil’ lightning

He was soooooo cute

He was soooooo cute

I used to have this little dwarf kitten that I liked to call lil' lighting, or LL for short. I got one because I recently went through a big breakup with the man I thought I loved.

The day I brought LL home, he was just the happiest kitty alive. He was so full of energy and he loooooved to run around.

He always coughed a lot and wheezed after doing so, but I thought it was cute.

Little did I know this was one of the many health problems that dwarf kittens have.

He died shortly after that, after a 3 day struggle of a combination of kitty flu and falling down the stairs due to his little kitty legs. RIP lil' lightning, I'll miss you :'(


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This is a memorial to my little kitty, lil' lightning

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Mar 24, 2011
Is this real
by: Michael

Thanks for visiting. I am sorry to hear of your loss. But your cat looks very strange. Sorry to say that but his eyes are very large and set very wide on the head. This looks abnormal.

I am also surprised at the casual way you write about his death. He had an infection and fell down the stairs. What did you do to treat the infection etc. and why did he fall down the stairs?

If this story is genuine I apologise for asking, "is this real?"


This is a memorial to my little kitty, lil’ lightning — 1 Comment

  1. I am sorry to hear about your kitty,it must of been sad to of found him not alive,it is sad he had a short life,how old was the kitty when he passed away and how did you come by the kitty,and also I noticed some one had sent you a stupid comment cant he read that the kitty is a dwarf I hope you gave him a dose of medicine his name was michael,

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