This is Frankie who looks similar to a Turkish Angora

This is Frankie who looks similar to a Turkish Angora

by Mary Oppman


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I was intrigued when I came across your site. I have three rescues, one of which looks so much like Tanje, another kitty from California I saw here.

I could not believe it, even as kittens, they look alike. I always thought Frankie had the look of a TA.

He is my little love, but he is not so little anymore, I know he is much larger than your kitty, he is about 15 lbs, very long and lean.

He will be 4 years old in February. He came from a colony of feral cats behind my vet's office. My Vet rescued him at about 3-4 weeks old, when the mother cat moved he and his sister right next to a busy highway.

My husband and I met and adopted him at 3 months old. What a little fireball he was then and still is!


Hi Mary.... The Turkish Angora is a cat breed that goes back a long way. The genes that produce the appearance of the Turkish Angora will have spread from Turkey over centuries and be found in domestic and feral cats all over the world I suspect.

I have a black moggie (Charlie) who has some Siamese in him, I believe, because of his oriental face (long face) and load voice. The Siamese cat is another with a long history.

That said the original Turkish Angoras in Turkey don't really look that much like the cats in the West because of selective breeding over a ling time. See Turkish Angora in Turkey.

Frankie is a fine looking cat. Thanks for visiting.


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This is Frankie who looks similar to a Turkish Angora

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Jan 26, 2012 Frankie
by: Mary O

Frankie is 15lbs now, just weighed him two days ago. He is 4 next month, and I was concerned as although he is large(big boned and long) for his first three years, he was very thin, I worried about him alot, as he was a rather picky eater, I feed him wet food, along with dry, he seemed to ignore the dry and only lick the gravy, never really eat the meat. Then in the last few months, I noticed when our other cats were finished with their food and sleeping, he came in all stealth-like and started silently eating their food. Now....much to my dismay, I pick him up and feel this jelly belly bag....I think I may have created a food eating monster by Babying him with food and treats! I don't want him to get fat like the two girls I have, but it appears I have turned him into a food-a-holic. Now, we no longer leave the food out for them, once they eat we pick it up! Seems there is never a happy medium.

Jan 16, 2012 Their breed (mix) sure is strong
by: JGMC

HI Mary and Michael,

Yes it seems like a strong breed trait. Glad we all are taking advantage of the homeless felines and taking them in.

When I move I want to adopt a pure white TA mix. I would prefer a female and about 3-7 years old but I can't be picky considering I would be adopting. I have seen several big TA mixes but really want one with issues with food like mine, not that I want to clean up Throw up but I have to leave food out so Tanji can eat when he wants.

mary if you didn't tell me the weight of your kitty I wouldn't think he was that big. Lucky 🙂

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