This is my kitten and her name is Muffins

by Lynn

I like this picture....It's really pretty. :D

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I like this picture....It's really pretty. 😀

I like this picture....It's really pretty. :D Shes trying to jump up at something, I think it was a fly... She sleeps. lol so cute. :)

This is my kitten and her name is Muffins. I know she may not be a pure bred or anything, but I was just curious as to what breed she could be.

I got her from a person in my town that couldn't take care of their cats because he/she had too many of them.

So I got her when she was pretty small. She's a really hyper kitty and loves to play around and jump up in the air (as you can tell from the pictures I have posted).

She's very loving and HAS to be the center of attention, because whenever there is company at my house she rubs up on everyone to get them to pet her.

If I'm busy and don't pay enough attention to her in a day she'll end up jumping on my shoulders to make me pet her and give her attention. She's just really cute.... :D!


Hi Lynn.... thanks for sharing. I like your photos. They made me smile.

Muffins looks like a grey/brown spotted, semi-longhaired tabby random bred cat to me.

In other words she has no connection to a purebred cat but please don't take that the wrong way - Muffins is gorgeous and as good as any purebred cat. See What breed is my cat?

She doesn't really look like any purebred cat but there is some resemblance to the American Shorthair or British Shorthair as both these cats are firmly based on random bred cats. They are shorthaired cats though and Muffins look like a semi-longhaired cat.

Sometimes random bred cats can have some of the genes of purebred cats. For instance in Malta, a few of Martha's rescue cats have the Turkish Van markings. See Duchess on this page: Introducing Martha Kane's Cats.

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