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This is not the first time an animal has been poisoned by Sergeants flea control — 8 Comments

  1. I shared your article on Facebook. Thank you very much. Both my wall and on my Community Page. Thank you for your articles and caring for the ones with no voice.

    I added my intro:
    Santa Cruz Mountains, CA
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    Cats are especially sensitive to toxins because they lick themselves; they are tiny, their metabolisms and sensitivities are different from dogs. Regardless if this was a shampoo, an applied spot treatment or a flea collar, it doesn’t matter. Sergeants should not have made this for cats.
    Don’t watch the video or be forewarned. Permethrin should never be used on cats.
    Thank God both cats recovered.
    Permethrin is a synthetic compound usually used to treat dog pens. It is highly toxic to cats, especially when used as a flea treatment.
    Pyrethrin, on the other hand, is a natural oil from chrysanthemums (flowers) often to repel fleas and mosquitoes and is used on cats, dogs and horses. (Sometimes taken internally by humans for rheumatoid arthritis.)

    • Thanks Dena. Appreciated. I hate insecticides. They are bloody nasty chemicals which poison the planet. Unfortunately we need them to control insects! But damn it, they hurt the planet at the same time. They are washed into the sea where they hurt sea life as well.

  2. There is a reason, beyond perceived company greed that the good/safe products cost more. It is yet another hidden cost of animal care that most pet owners don’t calculate into that free/low cost puppy or kitten adoption.

  3. Those poor babies!

    My veterinarian recommended Seresto 8 month flea collars for our dogs. There made by Bayer and work very well, as long as you keep them loose fitting and in contact with the dog’s hair. Nothing between like a collar.

    Because they work so well, I don’t use anything on my cats.

      • My friend used a Seresto flea collar on her cat, and the cat started scratching so badly that she made a hole in her neck. It was discovered that she was allergic to the chemicals.

        I wouldn’t take a chance with collars, or any ingested flea medication. I do use Advantage since my cat goes out in the yard, and I’ve experienced flea infestation from grass and dirt. I just rent a room, and have no say over the yard.

        I don’t like using anything, but I watch my cat carefully after the application, and so far she’s o.k. and flea free.

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