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This Is Probably One Time When Eating Cat Meat Is Acceptable — 10 Comments

  1. I think that until people have experienced hunger, they really have no business claiming how they’d never eat a cat of a dog. Now, I cannot imagine eating my own cat, but as to strays, I don’t know. I know one thing – it’s very easy to judge and claim how you’d never do something when you’ve never experienced the situation and have absolutely no clue how it feels like. I do know that Italians did eat cats during the war and so did people in StPetersburg Russia (then Leningrad) during the blockade.

    My parents were children during the Second World War (in Russia), but they were lucky their mothers were smart enough to evacuate. Still, even far from the war, close to Ural mountains, the food was scarce. My father told me that when you hear your little brother dying from hunger, you are willing to do anything, absolutely anything, just to give him something to it. Try living for a couple of weeks on 2 small slices on bread a day. See how it feels. Then imagine it’s not you, but your baby, your little brother or sister. Then you can judge.

    • I understand your compassion.
      All though I never experienced intense hunger, I know of some who have.
      When we think of consumable products, I think of animals as our equals. Therefore, it would be just as acceptable to eat a human as a dog, cat, rodent, etc. Therefore, your father’s little brother who was crying from hunger was just as dispensable as any other creature.
      How your comment reads is that you think that the human mammal is more important than any other mammal.
      Not true for me.

      • I am the same as you, Dee, as you know. I see humans as equals to nonhumans. There are in fact many people like us but the majority of people think we are a bit crazy to think like that.

      • You can think of animals as your equals in general, but I seriously doubt you’d see any other human or animal equal to your own child, your own flesh and blood.

        • Sorry, but I do.
          I have 2 grown children who, actually, have always know that they are as equal as animals, sometimes more so.

  2. I could see myself cutting off my own appendages to consume as well as eating any waste products before I would ever have a thought of doing this.
    And, I might even share some of my body parts with the animals.
    However, the neighbor might look tasty to me. LOL!
    Perhaps the pic here is deceiving, because the cat looks rather healthy, not starving, and I see foliage in the background. If accurate, I believe that I would follow that cat around to see where he’s getting his food.
    Even mice, rats, and insects sound better to me than eating a cat or dog.

      • No, never experience intense hunger. But, I know some who have.
        At the point of starvation, any mammal is acceptable to consume. I would go for the paperboy myself before any other.

        • When people are starving to death and raw survival kicks in then anything can happen almost. Cannibalism can happen and has happened in the past under these circumstances. Although, many people would not kill a cat or dog to eat under these circumstances because they love animals too much and they treat animals as equals. I am one of those people. I would simply die of starvation rather than kill and eat a domestic cat. That’s what I think now but perhaps if I was dying of starvation I might change my mind simply because of the survival instinct.

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