This is Simon

This is Simon

by Steve

My Fuzzy Buddy

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My Fuzzy Buddy

Simon was saved from a shelter.. He is an orange and white Maine Coon i believe. He came with no papers and the person running the shelter knew very little about him because Simon was found outside as a kitten.

He is about 3 yrs old. Weighs between 15-16lbs and i looked up the definition of what a Maine Coon cat is and it fits him to a T. All the way down from his chirping to his bushy tail and his sweet personality. He isn't even afraid of water. Here is a pic of my buddy.


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This is Simon

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Jun 02, 2009 to stress buster

No matter the fact of whether or not he is 100%, he isn't going anywhere. He is definitely a stress buster for me as you would say. He is my bud. I wouldn't give him up for a perfect pedigree with papers.

Jun 01, 2009 "Pets as "Stress Busters"
by: Rudolph.A.Furtado

Any pet owner would vouch for the fact that "Pedigree" is for the "Show-bench" or as a status symbol of rarity but any cat would offer non-judgmental companionship to its owner.Real Stress busters, better than visits to the "shrink".

Jun 01, 2009 Very Handsome Boy
by: Anonymous

Whatever he is (and he looks like he could be a Maine Coon mix) he is a very handsome boy. Love Simon.

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