This is socialisation with a capital S

This is socialisation with a capital S

by Michael

This little video shows the power of socialisation. Your prey becomes a companion. Your enemy becomes a friend. I think the human race should spend more time studying cat breeders when they socialise their cats!

Cat socialisation is carried out by ensuring the young kitten mixes with and becomes familiar with other cats, animals and humans etc during the first 7 weeks of life.

So how about we put a Muslim child with Christian child in those parts of the world where Muslims attack Christians?

You can do the same thing for any group of people who are at war with another group and there are a lots of those: Sunni Shia, black white, Palestinian Jew, Protestant Catholic and so on…

I know I am dreaming. But I have a dream.

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This is socialisation with a capital S

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Mar 17, 2012
Cool cat NEW
by: Barbara

I thought the chick had had it at the end when she fell off the cat, but no! The cat licked her. What a cat! And what an odd couple they make. An Easter miracle no less.

Barbara avatar

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