This is someone’s tame cat who occasionally shows up at one of my colonies I feed every morning

A Reader’s Forum story by Barbara

Posted April 26, 2019

THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS WHEN MALE CATS ARE NOT NEUTERED!!!!! CAT FIGHTS!!! This is someone’s tame cat who occasionally shows up at one of my colonies I feed every morning. I only see him every few weeks and have never had a trap with me to trap him.

male cats fight
Unneutered male cats fight. This is what happens (Barbara)
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A few days ago he came to eat and I was horrified by his injuries. One side of his face looked ripped off and scabbed over with blood and pus oozing out. I took a carrier every day since then and finally he was there again today. I was able to run him immediately to Dr. McCoy’s where he will be treated and neutered.

Please have your pets fixed!!! Even males. Felines Under Rescue (FUR) will help you pay if you cannot afford it. We will loan you a trap if you need it.


“Update on post yesterday about the cat with half his face torn off through a cat fight!! I brought him home today. His horrible wound has been cleaned up, and if you saw the earlier post it is just red open skin on one side of his face. I just couldn’t let him out and let it get dirty. And in his wanderings around the neighborhood where he lives I feel sure people/kids who saw would think something was wrong with him.

I had fixed up a big dog crate for him, put a box at one end with a cat bed, litter box in the other end. The crate has 2 doors. Stupid me had forgotten to close one door and when I put him in through the other door he escaped and went crazy! Running all over the porch, peeing as he ran, climbing up the screens trying to get outside. I threw a towel over him as he climbed….he escaped. Did it again and finally got him back in the crate.

He is in his bed in the box, has eaten 2 cans of Fancy Feast. I hope he calms down. Have no idea how I will get the litter box out when I need to. I really don’t think he is that wild…..he was just scared to death. I am going to try to keep him a week or two til some skin grows back and then take him back where I found him. I hate to because i am afraid whoever did this to him will do it again. Don’t know how I will transport him again. I don’t see how I can get him in a carrier again.”


Cat hurt in fight in carrier
Photo: Barbara.


Note from Elisa: The photo used here is very graphic. It also teaches the cat owner an important lesson. Not neutering your male cats can result in medical emergencies as it has in this case. I thought it would be a good article for the Reader’s Forum series.

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