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This man should be banned from having animals for life

OAK CREEK, WI, USA: The carelessness, callousness, blank ignorance, stupidity, cruelty and heartlessness of Ryan Ross in his relationship with the domestic cat warrants that he be banned for life from having anything to do with animals. It is time for some tough punishments on animal welfare issues.

Ryan Ross. Police mugshot?

This idiot – and he truly is one and I don’t mind saying it – let cats at his property breed to the point where there were 117 and when found by animal rescue no less than 67 had to be euthanized due to poor health. They may have be too enthusiastic about euthanizing them. This can happen sometimes in cases like this because the rescue people feel overwhelmed by the numbers. But this is a big number and they probably lived miserable lives before being killed.

Ross rarely visited the house. It seems that the cats were locked inside without access to the outside.

The house were 117 cats lives alone in squalor. Photo: Fox6 News?

Ross has been charged with animal cruelty although this is not specified in the report. They say he might receive a 6 year prison sentence if convicted. At present this is an ‘alleged’ criminal offence but the evidence appears to be overwhelming.

He will not get 6 years behind bars because nobody gets that sort of sentence if they have been convicted of animal cruelty (anywhere in the world). Humans don’t place that much importance on animal welfare. They are not important enough to the arrogant human.

A part of the punishment that I want to see is a lifetime ban on keeping animals. In fact he could be banned from having anything to do with animals although that might be too hard to enforce.

A concerned neighbour felt that the police should investigate as they were worried there were cats inside the unoccupied the property. It is often a neighbour who reports these examples of mass cat abuse as the signs of cat abuse leak out of these trashed properties.

Why did Ross even start to have cats in the first place? He is completely unsuitable. He may have lived in the house but moved out when the cat situation got out of hand. I am speculating. Fox6 News initially reported on the case as I understand it.

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