This Oh So Sad Semi-feral Cat is Given Treatment, TLC and a Home

Like humans, cats have to make the best of the hand that they are dealt with. This boy, like most feral cats, was dealt a tough hand. He survived in a feral cat colony for nine years. He was being fed by a nice person in his backyard. But he was feral and it is tough living outside. He picked up an infection and he was already FIV positive.

sad semi-feral cat Tuffy

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He had a bad sinus infection. He had pink eye too (conjunctivitis) as far as I can tell. He had a bacterial infection and it was making him miserable.

sad semi-feral cat Tuffy

He looks sad actually even after he was so expertly and lovingly treated with TLC and antibiotics. He was cleaned up: his matts have been removed and so have his fleas. But he still looks oh so sad.

sad semi-feral cat Tuffy

You know even in the last photogragh, he has that look on his face which you only see on cats who are not feeling well. He may be in a lot of discomfort in fact. I would at least consider euthanising him, which must sound harsh but he looks in pain to me and very sad. What I am saying is that he may have been in long term pain, we don’t know. The look on his face indicates that and the look is not because he is in a cage in my opinion.

The person who was feeding him, trapped him and took him to the Vancouver Orphan Kitten Rescue Association, VOKRA. They treated him very nicely and rather than putting him back into the urban jungle they took him to Katie’s Place Rescue Shelter where he can live with other FIV+ cats. That’s nice. He’s come out of the cold of the harsh world of feral cats into a more emotionally warm environment. About time.

He looks a bit old too. I hate seeing sad cats. I hope he’ll smile one day soon. His name is Tuffy.

Source: He Was Feeding His Cats When A Feral Cat Showed Up…..

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20 thoughts on “This Oh So Sad Semi-feral Cat is Given Treatment, TLC and a Home”

  1. Maybe you could take him to a vet for a checkup. He may have a cancer tumour or some other medical problem that is causing him pain. just remember cats can’t tell us what the problem is. Hope he comes right!

  2. Tuffy looks extremely tired and worn out, making it much harder for his poor body to handle his injuries, infections, and whatever health conditions he has. I think that Katie’s Place Rescue Shelter is a very good place if he remains feral in his tendencies. But if he shows some responce to affection, a loving home, one where he may be the only cat, could be a better fit. Either way, I believe he needs to rest and recuperate.I would definitely not euthanize him. As he is functional, he deserves a chance to regain his strength and feel content once again. Tuffy is a special soul. I love him. Every life matters.

    1. I love him too Frances but perhaps he is in pain. The trouble is we don’t know except by his demeanor and expression. I wonder if the vets did a proper check up to cover all possibilities. He just looks ill to me. Thanks for commenting.

      1. Michael, I think that Tuffy’s facial expression is possibly genetic, making him “look” as if he is in pain, as someone else noted. If he is eating, drinking, and functioning, that is a good sign. Before ever considering euthanizing, he should receive labwork and other tests to rule out causes of pain. Tuffy deserves a chance at a better life. Now that he is with Katie’s Place Rescue, this will give him that chance. Respectfully, this is my view.

        1. Yes, I agree with you that it could be his facial expression. I just have a strong feeling on this occasion that he is in chronic discomfort. I have nothing really to base that feeling on other than his expression and his health. I have seen an expression like that before in cats and I’m convinced it is a sign of chronic discomfort. That said, I could be wrong but when I write an article I have to go with my feelings and instincts and trust them.

          1. Sorry I’m just catching up on this one. He does look like he’s been miserable for a long time. Cats do their best to hide that, but he lost that battle. I would do all I could for him and hope he feels better. I hope he has and does.

  3. You’ve got to be kidding me!!! You’d euthanize him because he *looks* like he’s uncomfortable???? He’s in a steel cage in a shelter. Of COURSE he looks like he’s uncomfortable! I’m sorry, because I don’t mean to be rude to sensitive people, but I’m glad that the author is not running a shelter. Especially this one.

    I see this cat and I see miserable because he’s in a cage in a shelter. Post pictures of him in a foster or an adoptive owner’s home. I’m certain we’ll all see a completely different cat. Myself, I want to hug and cuddle and love on him until that sadness dissipates.

    Nine years in a feral colony, without knowing where he was before that.

    He’s a survivor.

    He’s lucky.

    He probably got FIV from defending himself.


    Do you even HEAR yourself?!? I’m flabbergasted. I’ve reread your article several times, hoping I’ve read it wrong.

    Do not run an animal shelter because it would end up being an animal euthanizing center. Shelters are supposed to shelter. Not kill because they look sad or because the cat is old. My eldest cat is frail and 19 and she has beginning stages of kidney disease. She eats like a pig and is my lovely old lady cat. 9 or 12 is not old. 19 or 20 is old.

    Wow. Just…wow. smh.

    1. I am entitled to my views. I see a cat in long-term disomfort. That’s what I see. I am not the person you think I am, believe me. I’d run a fantastic shelter. I am strongly a no-kill person but…sometimes euthanasia is the right thing. That said I am not saying for sure that euthanasia is the right thing here. I am just flagging up the thought.

  4. Additionally, I would, also, be 100% wrong if I were to assign any human emotion like sadness to any cat and interpret that to mean feeling poorly.
    If I did that, Grumpy Cat and Sad Cat (from Sad Cat Diaries) should have been killed long ago.

    1. I am not sure you are correct Dee. I have seen this expression before and I believe that cats in long term discomfort do have an expression which is noticeable. It is a strained expression.

      1. May be. Don’t know.
        It all depends on whether he is really domesticated (or once was) or some degree of feral.
        The above pics show much touching that no feral cat, no matter how ill (unless completely down), would tolerate.
        My feeling is that he was tossed out 9 years ago and joined a colony after some time for survival; and, he may have some memory of being domesticated.
        In any case, his demeanor is typically feral, especially when bothered by humans, cameras, or aggressive cats.
        Hard to say. But, I don’t think that killing him is appropriate.

  5. Tuffy didn’t get into his dilemmas overnight, and he won’t make a turnabout overnight, if ever.
    Being feral or semi-, I would be 100% wrong to assume that he is in pain based on what is applied to domesticated cats. It is perfectly normal for ferals to avoid eye contact, coward, or hide in our presence. It is, also, normal for them to be expressionless, distant and preoccupied, or disgruntled looking. Those are some of many of their survival efforts, ie. to avoid confrontations and fights.
    I would never consider euthanizing any cat based on their facial expressions. And, definitely not a feral.
    What I see in Tuffy is that he is quite elderly and weary. There may be some slight improvement in his demeanor if he is only “bothered” for his necessary feeding time and litter clean up. He needs peace, quiet, and rest without intrusive threats or cameras.

  6. VOKRA is very good — they will do the right thing. He certainly hasn’t quit eating (!) & I bet he will perk up as soon as he gets over the shock of having a safe situation at last.

  7. Hate to admit it but I would also put him out of his misery.
    In addition he could still suffer from underlying problems thus far undetected. He may have ‘miasis’ due to the open sores I see in these photos. If that’s the case, he does not stand a fighting chance, considering how long he was on his own and how much damage a fly can do and the fact that he has a terrible sinus infection-well I think a scan is in order.

  8. I agree with you that he’s sad, and I would euthanize. There are so many kitties that need to be saved who are healthy and have a potentially better future ahead of them. He’s showing that he’s feeling poorly. I think euthanasia would be merciful.

    1. I have confidence that VOKRA has provided him with exceptional vet care. He would never have been placed with other FIV positive cats if he wasn’t medically cleared and all blood cultures were negative. Physically, he looks very healthy, even robust. But, I believe that he is quite elderly and worn out tired.
      His facial expression and demeanor are typically feral and not the humanized version of sad or feeling poorly.

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