This person shouldn’t be allowed to own a plant let alone a pet

Woman who abused her dog marched to jail
Woman who abused her dog marched to jail
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Cool video. The bit I like the most is when the woman is arrested and marched off to jail. It is the first time I have seen that. It is stark and clear. And the animal abuse is not the worst I have seen.

One of the things that animal advocates crave more than many other things is justice. Justice for companion animals abused by insensitive, ignorant people. Too many are not brought to justice. This is why this video is so sweet. But it has hardly been seen by anyone.

This is the nature of YouTube where 300 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute! Five billion videos are watched on YouTube daily. Your video can drown without a trace on this mammoth website. Even excellent videos. This is why Influnecers who want to make a living on YouTube resort to extreme methods including shock tactics to get noticed. These videos include cruelty against animals but YouTube administration is unaware of them or accept them.

2 thoughts on “This person shouldn’t be allowed to own a plant let alone a pet”

  1. This fucking cunt does not deserve jail. She deserves a bullett to the grey matter instead!! A waste of tax payers money to haul this fuck in. Just kill the fucking waste of breath! I hope the sweet baby will get a loving forever home. And please do not say owner. We own a car, and house. This being is alive with feelings and a heart. We are their guardians. Thank you sheriff for having a heart for animals That alone is rare to see these days.m


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