This poor husband doesn’t stand a chance at changing his ‘cat collecting’ wife

This is the story of Mitch and Pamela who made a recent appearance on the Dr. Phil show. I wanted to write on it because this woman and her love of her 15 cats is WAY over the top. The article itself will be short since the YouTube video tells the story best.

cat collector turns to Dr. Phil for help (screenshot Dr. Phil YouTube)
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Pamela has already admitted “the cats do overtake the marriage. They require a lot of care.” I don’t believe her poor husband stands a chance at changing his ‘cat collecting’ wife.

Please watch the video below. It’s very interesting. Pamela and Mitch appear to be good people who love each other even though the cats tend to take priority in the marriage. The home appears clean and the cats look healthy.

Pamela doesn’t call herself a cat hoarder and prefers to be called a ‘cat collector’. Her life revolves around her cats and Pamela states she’d rather go through having breast cancer than to lose one of her cats.

Pamela states (screenshot Dr. Phil YouTube)

When Pamela feeds her cats and if they don’t like the food she puts out, she’ll start opening can after can until they do eat. If a cat is missing from her sight for 15 minutes she sends Mitch to look for the cat.

Going out to have a bit of fun also has its limits. Pamela is ready to drag Mitch back home in an hour, although they do try to go out once a week to help their marriage.

OK readers. Put on your ‘psychology hats’ and sound off your opinion in the comment section below. Is Pamela mentally ill or just a very obsessed cat owner? Poor Mitch…

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Comment from Michael (Admin):

It must put a strain on the marriage (just watched the video: the marriage is strained). You have to be either/or/and (a) crazy about your wife (b) love cats (c) very laid back and tolerant/chilled out to put up with it (he is uptight! 🙂 ). You wonder whether she should be married to a man. She is married to her furbabies. I don’t see a great future for this couple.

3 thoughts on “This poor husband doesn’t stand a chance at changing his ‘cat collecting’ wife”

  1. I don’t believe she’s a hoarder either. Her home is too clean and her cats are too healthy. I’m single because I choose to spend my life with my cats. There’s no one to judge me. I just don’t go to the extremes she goes to, especially with a cat out of sight for 15 minutes or by opening can after can of food. We buy great quality dry and its supplemented by canned. The cats always have two or three flavors to choose from that they like and if they get finicky and not from illness they eventually eat it.

  2. I am wholeheartedly sick of people dictating how women should feel about having breast cancer. No other cancer attracts this kind of controlling, emotionally oppressive garbage.

    She can feel exactly what she wants about her cancer and the possibility of recurrance. Dr Phil should quit exploiting people for ratings. He should definitely butt out of this woman’s beliefs and feelings.

    No one should dictate what is rational or irrational about personal experience of and personal belief about life threatening disease, ever.

    The husband seems weak, yet enabling and I would guess he is fairly passive aggressive in his handling of his marital disatisfaction. Something is missing in the telling of this story, something significant.

    Sometimes, when women in relationships get cancer, breast cancer in particular, the partner, although concerned & caring, can harbour deep jealousy of the woman getting so much essential care and attention. This jealousy can destroy the relationship. If this jealousy or hidden emotional distress in one party is not responsibly addressed, then it causes a big rift between the two people in that relationship.

    The woman is not a hoarder, she gains emotional comfort and emotional expression from her cats. Why shouldn’t she? She is a capable cat carer.

    I think she has been worn down by hubby’s whining, hence agreeing to be on this exploitative show. He needs some help too, but isn’t exactly seeking it in an adult manner.

    People forget that a woman’s breasts are her own. Cancerous or not, she can feel whatever she wants about them.

    If hubby does not like the status quo, he needs to own some of this issue himself, instead of dumping it onto the woman. What has he omitted to bring to the relationship? What has he missed?

  3. As a child I was traumatized by my sperm donor and because I have 12 cats of my own,care for 2 feral colonies and foster for our local SPCA it does not make me a hoarder,if that was the case then we can say the same about Cat House On The Kings,I dont collect cats and the ones that are my personal cats were all rescues or were dumped on my property and my hubby knew from the get go I was this way before he married me,no way would I give up my cats,no way in hell,they are my FAMILY and they are my fur children and they are a huge part of my world.


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