This quacked me up – heart-melting kitten meow at shelter

Let’s just say that every individual cat has her/his own individual version of the classic cat meow and that this version is unusual and very, very cute. It is a feline quack.

Lets hope (1) he keeps it into adulthood and (2) it gets him out of there and into a great home where he is loved for the whole of his life.

The meow is a cat-to-human vocalisation which has evolved over millenia. It is often a request as can be seen in the video “Get me out of here pronto”. Normally it is asking for food or a greeting and asking for interaction.

Feral cats don’t meow at each other. So the theory goes.

You quack me up

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2 thoughts on “This quacked me up – heart-melting kitten meow at shelter”

  1. That kitty actually just has a deeper and louder voice. It is cute. i am so moved by the paw requests for attention which are more that than a stretch to get out of the cage. My feral has started to meow at my husband after two years of living with us. It is quite an achievement on our parts and his. I feel for every baby who has not found his/her love yet. It’s kitten season and my friends and I managed to adopt out 5 tiny babies who were left by their inattentive mother. I wish I knew enough people to do that for others. May this little one quack people up to the point that to someone to takes him/home soon.


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