This site informed me about declawing – thanks

This site informed me about declawing – thanks

I never knew the facts about declawing. I never knew what it was. Until one day I stumbled upon this website by accident. I am amazed at how much your vets DON’T tell you! It’s terrible!

I have always had declawed cats but after reading this I will NEVER declaw another cat! Thank you so much for doing this and informing me when no one else would. I’m sure you have saved tons of cats from suffering because of this. I am a huge fan of your website. I love it!

I never had any problems with my cats being declawed. It has never changed the way they acted or anything but I am so afraid that it could happen to my cat if I get it declawed (I just got a new cat) that I am not going to do it.

I also don’t want my little Toby to go through that pain. I am so sorry to all my past cats that I ever did this to them! If I had known I never would have done it. It brings me to tears just thinking about what’s happening to those cats.

I had a cat just pass away about a month ago. He is terribly missed. He found our house. It was a safe place to hide when it was raining. One day I decided that no one owned him, obviously because no one ever got him and stopped him from coming to our house, so I took him in.

He was already declawed but he limped on one leg. The vet said he had an infection from when he got declawed. I really thought nothing about it until I read this and learned more about declawing. I now know he may have had more emotional issues from the declawing. It breaks my heart.

I hope no one ever declaws their cats and just leaves them for dead like someone did to our poor little cat Kiki. I think people may do that a lot though. They think declawing is something that will fix all your problems, make everything okay, when it doesn’t help they throw the cats out in the cold. If you can’t take care of the cat your shouldn’t get one!


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This site informed me about declawing – thanks

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Jan 12, 2011 Thank you to brave anonymous
by: Rose

You don’t know how good it feels when someone like you is brave enough to come to tell us you were wrong to have cats declawed and will never have a cat declawed again.
I haven’t seen a declawed cat in the flesh as it’s banned here but I look at my cats paws and wonder how any vet could be so cruel as to remove those claws.
Even were it only the claws (bad enough) they of all people should know they come with claws because they need them.
Please help us to let everyone know to boycott vets who declaw.
Hit them where it hurts in their pockets.

Jan 11, 2011 Everyone
by: Anonymous

Thank you all for the comments and thank you again for telling me the truth when the vets won’t. Like most of you said – the vets only want the money. It seems like they don’t care about the well being of the cat.
I have noticed a HUGE difference from Toby, the kitten with claws, and previous cats, without claws. It’s almost ridiculous how much of a difference it makes and if I could give all those cats their claws back I would!
I have bought Toby several scratching posts and he loves them! He also has a really tall cat post that he love climbing on! His favorite new game is climbing on the shortest platform of his kitty post and jumping on our feet when we walk by, it is the most hilarious thing I have ever seem! Having claws seems to change how they act, extremely. I wish someone had informed me of how terrible declawing really is before I ever had previous cats declawed.

Jan 10, 2011 To anonymous
by: Bert T

I recommend you read and share this to help you understand exactly what declawing does to cats…

Jan 10, 2011 To anonymous
by: Ruth

THANK YOU for coming telling us how PoC has opened your eyes to the truth about declawing.
Yes it is a wonderful site and because Michael loves cats and hates the abuse of them he writes himself and lets us write as much as we can to educate people about this cruelty. Yes we have probably saved a lot of cats claws but it’s particularly good when someone comes along like you to tell us that.
As Barbara already said, your cats missed out on living healthy lives with the claws they need to do that. People think they are fine but in reality they adapt to living a disabled life because they have no choice. Cats are so very brave and accepting of their fate. I always say if they howled like dogs do when in pain, declawing would never have started.
I’m so sorry about Kiki and glad you made his life as happy as you could after you took him in.
I’m happy that Toby will enjoy his life with his claws and I’m sure you will notice the difference. Have you bought him a scratching post ? It’s easy and fun to teach him how to use it, just show him yourself by dragging your own nails down, then gently lift up his front paws until he digs in his claws and has a go himself, cats are very intelligent and soon learn. Give him a treat when he uses it.
I hope you will come back and tell us more about Toby and also help us by signing our petition and spreading the truth with us too.

Kattaddorra signature Ruth

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Jan 10, 2011 To Anonymous
by: Barbara

Welcome to POC Anonymous, when I read something like this it makes me so glad that we all put so much effort in to spreading the word about the reality of declawing, every single cat spared the fate of ten or eighteen amputations is something to rejoice about, now you know the truth about it please consider passing it on to others.
I guess the cats you have had declawed in the past have been exceptionally lucky to escape the more glaring side effects of this horrible procedure, I think maybe if you have never actually had a fully clawed cat you maybe haven’t realised how much your declawed cats have been missing in their lives. Please do become a regular visitor to POC, it’s people like you who can genuinely say that they have learned something new from visiting the site that make the site so valuable.

Barbara avatar

Jan 09, 2011 Please Tell Others
by: Kathleen

To the anonymous writer: I am so glad to hear that you have changed your mind about declawing now that you know more of the facts! More often than not,once they know what truly happens to a cat that is declawed, people will change their minds, and this is why not very many vets will go out of their way to inform their clients, because surgery is the biggest-ticket item they have to sell. One point I want to address in your post is that none of the cats you had declawed in the past exhibited any changes in their behavior. This is a common report from many people with declawed cats, and is one reason people may try to disregard what we are saying here. It is very important that people realize and understand that in any kind of surgery, each and every patient, whether they are human or animal, will have his or her one-of-a-kind experience and recovery from that surgery. Some will do better than others, whether it is due to a stronger constitution, a more skilled surgeon, or plain dumb luck. But the fact is that declawing is 10-18 unnecessary amputations, and there is enough potential for severe complications (in both the short term and the long term) for the veterinary industry to be doing its best to educate people and help make this practice a thing of the past, rather than perpetuating it for blood money the way they do. YOU and people like you are part of the reason I want to see declawing eventually banned in this country as it has already been in most other First World nations. When an industry is taking unfair advantage of the public that places its trust in those professionals, that is when the government steps in, and you can tell that to anyone who thinks we are only trying to restrict people’s freedom of choice.

Jan 09, 2011 Our Pleasure
by: Michael

Thanks for posting. It is our pleasure. And we are thrilled to hear from you because we know our efforts will save the paws of at least one cat. That pleases us.

The articles on PoC about declawing are a team effort of all the valued regular visitors who are true cat and animal lovers and myself.

Stick around, please. I am sure there are many more articles that you will enjoy. They are all written with the cat’s welfare in mind.

PoC is the voice of the cat. You need not have remained anonymous as you are a welcome “convert”!

Michael Avatar

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