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This statement is incorrect: “cats cause extinction of 33 species” — 2 Comments

  1. Nobody seems to be able to respond to my query. What would happen if all those alleged billions of birds that cats kill, were not killed? Imagine how many birds there would be in the world. Would the birds then not become virmin? And, how many rats, mice, voles etc would be left alive to the detriment of the human race? And one more thing. Who counts those birds? If cats are eating them and I have seen it happen, they leave almost nothing to let anyone know that they have in fact done this. Sure some domesticated cats hunt for sport, but mostly they eat their pray. I managed a stray cat colony for over 20 yrs and in all that time found maybe 10 remnants.

    • Ornithologists use estimates on bird kills taken from local studies and extrapolated to national levels. The figures are not necessarily accurate. They like to exaggerate the numbers. Also cats often eat sick and dying birds or even dead birds. We never see dead birds because cats eat them! That’s my theory. And yes feral cats are now part of the ecosystem. Cat haters want feral cats exterminated but as you say what would happen to their prey? An increase in numbers to perhaps intolerable levels. Thanks Randi.

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