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This wimpy monster allegedly shot and killed a cat and bragged about it on Facebook — 8 Comments

    • Thanks Linda. I have written a follow up page. It seems that the whole FB page is a fake account. Weird and disturbing.

  1. From what I’m seeing, Kevin is going back and finding photos of abused/killed animals and posting them as though he did the killing. I guess he thinks it makes him look tough.

    If he’s hoping to make friends, good luck. People don’t like those who abuse cats and dogs or any other creature. One comment on his wall said the cat photo was from several years ago.

  2. Michael, he’s speaking the language of the uneducated. I can understand everything he’s saying. Sealy speaks that language on his Facebook page in case you haven’t noticed.

    • Uneducated he certainly is in every respect.Personally, I would not try and educate him. He is beyond that. He just needs to be put away somewhere quietly. He needs to disappear permanently. In a better world that is what would happen.

  3. From what I can tell on his Facebook page he’s posting pictures of women and their children and he doesn’t even know them.

    • Elisa, This man is a criminal. I have even communicated with him on his Facebook page. If you go there now there’s a picture of a dog bleeding heavily around the muzzle. He admits to doing it more or less in so many words. The police should be called and he should be arrested. Certainly Facebook should take the pictures down and ban him.

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