Thomas the Miracle Boy

Thomas the Miracle Boy

by Lisa James
(Green Cove Springs, FL)

Thomas the Miracle Boy

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Thomas the Miracle Boy

Thomas came to us 3 years ago when his previous owner who had rescued him as a tiny kitten, passed away. She was a very dear friend of mine, & was only 45 at the time of her death. Thomas was almost 11. About a month after her death, he spooked when my oldest son came in & darted out the door between his feet & was gone. We searched for months, but finally gave up. About 2 weeks ago, we went to Animal Control to check on a couple of cats on their listing. One of the young kennel techs wanted to show us one of his favorite cats, a big black & white boy who had been dumped by his owners. He pulled him out of the cage, backed out, turned around, & my stomach flipped over. My daughter looked, looked again, & said OMG it's THOMAS!!!!

Thomas heard her voice, heard his real name, & turned towards her & started squirming. She took him from the kennel tech, he wrapped his big old feet around her neck, & let out this huge, booming purr. I told him to pack him up, he was coming HOME. They couldn't find his paperwork in the file it was supposed to be in, so the Officer told them to check the EU pile for the day, which was in the other room. Thomas' paperwork was IN the pile of cats to be put to sleep that very afternoon!

We hugged him SO tight! I fully believe that my friend across the Rainbow Bridge KNEW that he was slated to die, & she MADE us go down there that day to find him again & bring him home.

Thomas was dumped by his owners because they had declawed him & he wasn't using the box. That was not what was on his sheet, but it was fact, because we noticed that as soon as we got him home. However, he is now using the box again like a good boy. He has been to our vet for a full check up now that he's going on 14, & despite the fact that he has always been a large cat, tipping the scales at 14.8 pounds, he has ALL of his teeth, bright eyes, healthy gums, & not even a smidgen of a heart murmur. He says he's the healthiest cat for his age that he's ever seen, & that we can expect him to see 20! That's wonderful news to us.


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Thomas the Miracle Boy

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Nov 26, 2009
by: Dani

Mimi a moggie cat
I was napping and found her staring at me.

I got Mimi when she was only 5 weeks old. She was born in mid May of 2009. She is not a purebred but I think she's just as beautiful, if not more, than some of the cats pictured above.

She has a huge personality. She's very vocal and loves to be around people.

Oct 21, 2009
by: kellie walker, TX

{note: once again a submission not suitable for a page but a nice comment.}

A cat not a thing or a animal it is a loving breathing species and also is more as it cheers you up and makes you have a good day; makes you smile a cheerful one i must add and all you dreams seem to fall of your mind when you see his eyes and you understand he loves you or wants food when you wake up you see him at you feet loyal and caring as can be reasonable about adjusting to a home but is a pleasure to have in one eyes such a sweet little cat that is loyal and kind if you do not know what you want of an animal try a cat they are kind and loyal.

Oct 20, 2009
My Cat
by: Anonymous

{Note: this was a submission by a visitor that was too short for a page...Michael}

moggie cat

At first i thought i had a nebelung but he was black though he did fit the description including in one article mentioning them being good at opening doors.but i think he looks more like a tiffany,he might be both because i found him as a kitten in the back of a park so i don't know his parents

Oct 02, 2009
lucky save
by: kathy

Im so glad you got to Thomas in time. That was great. Its too bad he was subjected to be declawed. I too beleive in the spiit realm. My best friend passed awasy leaving two cats, I have no idea what happened to them. Her roommate got rid of them without me knowing about it.

Oct 02, 2009
Long and happily ever after
by: Finn Frode, Denmark

So glad you found him again. Such a fine boy deserves a good home for his old days after all that he has been through. May he live long and happily ever after.

Oct 02, 2009
by: Ruth aka Kattaddorra

What a handsome boy Thomas is. I'm so glad you rescued him in the nick of time.
You really do a wonderful job Lisa !!
BTW I seem to know your name from somewhere ??
We have 2 anti declaw groups,are you a member under a diferent name maybe ?

Oct 02, 2009
FiveThings for me
by: Michael

Five things come to mind:

  • Thomas is very handsome and he looks strong and healthy. A real boy cat.
  • It is a kind of miracle - the timing when you saved him from death.
  • The sadness that the only bit of "ill health" on him was created by us - his declawing
  • That declawing as you have said, Lisa, does the opposite (and so much more) to what it is intended to achieve. It ends up causing cats to be put down.
  • It is an uplifting story.

Thanks for sharing Lisa.

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