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Three Cat Poll Results Which Should Shock You — 16 Comments

  1. For me the results indicate that a lot of work is still to be done and better ways of delivering the message to be found. It should be happening on many fronts. The messages should be orientated on that significant number of cat owners who don’t read “special” cat resources (i.e. they just watch what’s going on TV, etc). xox

  2. 21% of the votes came from Britain and Australia. Countries where declawing has never been performed (based on vets’ refusal) and the vast majority of citizens have never even heard of it. This may account for some of the ignorance regarding exactly what the procedure involves.

    However, the voting results for the other two questions are depressing. Even if I didn’t know what declawing was, I still don’t think it’s right to interfere with a cat’s anatomy and claws are obviously there for a reason.

    Why anyone would give up a cat they can still care for is beyond me. Then again, this question was polled on a dating site and we know that many people surrender pets due to a partner’s allergies or the mere fact they dislike cats, have dogs that don’t get on with cats etc.

    We all know that pro-declaw vets are very protective of their “right” to perform elective surgery, so the only way to discourage them is to hit them where it hurts – in their pockets. The general public need to stop using the services of vets or clinics which perform declawing. Once vets realise why they’re losing custom, many of them will change their minds. It’s the old story of supply and demand. Unfortunately, for some reason too many people in North America just don’t care enough to boycott these vets.

    • Nice comment. Good point in the first para. A lot of people in countries who don’t declaw won’t have a clue what it means. I agree it has to be about money. The abandonment poll and the lack of concern over declawing are linked: a disregard of genuine cat welfare. We have hundreds of years to go before the world as a whole has the correct relationship with domestic cats if ever.

      • That’s why I would support compulsory microchipping for cats and dogs. The registration could act similar to a vehicle log book, in that all vet visits, treatments etc. would be recorded. As would any transfer of ownership. That way if an animal is abused or neglected, the authorities know who is legally responsible for the welfare of that creature. Prosecutions of cruelty, abandonment etc., should then be stepped up to reinforce the responsiblities of pet ownership.

  3. I have just known one person that had her cat declawed,I tried to talk her out of it.She had to take the poor cat back o the vet . many times.It died of a heart attack a couple of years later.I dont think much of that person any more.

  4. Well, I’m not easily shocked by anything. But, that doesn’t mean that I don’t care enough.
    Only once in a while will I see something that I haven’t seen or heard of before, like that mama cat chewing off the heads of her babies.
    But, this poll isn’t even really surpring to me.

  5. That’s the problem with a lot of animal issues. No one cares. There just animals. They don’t matter. Perhaps the cute factor could be used to draw people in so they can be taught about the horrors of declawing and alternate ways to protect your stupid furniture. (Or don’t get a cat at all for heaven sakes!).

  6. Sorry but even if it was ‘just the claws’ why would anyone want to take them from a cat? It’s unthinkable to us here in England, even to people who don’t particularly like cats.
    37% who would relinquish their cat even if they were able to look after him/her is disgraceful! To those people a cat is obviously disposable and unimportant and that makes me very annoyed.

  7. I can’t say I’m shocked at these results. . . There is still a lot of ignorance in the world about declawing. What does shock me is the ignorance of what declawing actually is, and that almost half of these idiots don’t think it is cruel! WAKE UP PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!

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