Three Dutch tabby kittens travel to the UK in the engine compartment of a car

This must be the ultimate cat-trapped-in-car-engine-compartment story. You know how cats like to crawl into the engine compartment of a car to keep warm and sometimes they are injured. Well, in this instance three tabby kittens living in Holland climbed into the engine compartment of a car belonging to Christian Lampkin from Ashford in Kent who I presume was visiting on holiday. He was entirely unaware that there were three 6-week-old kittens hidden inside his vehicle next to the engine.

Cute rescue kittens found in car compartment

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Two days after he got back home in the UK he returned from playing golf and heard a lot of meowing. He looked under the hood (bonnet) of his car and saw two cats. They immediately shot back inside the engine compartment in fear. He called a mechanic to retrieve the cats and while doing so they found a third kitten hiding inside.

As it happens he was visiting relatives in Bracknell at the time. He contacted a nearby animal rescue centre, Diana Brimblecome Animal Rescue Centre, who accepted the kittens. The rescue centre was told by the Berkshire Trading Standards authorities that the cats had been imported illegally and that they would have to go into quarantine at a cost of £3,000 or be put to sleep.

The rescue centre immediately started a crowdfunding page which was successful in raising £4,000. I am very impressed. It is amazing how animal lovers, cat lovers and just decent people step up to the plate and donate to save the lives of animals.

The extra money raised will go towards pet passports for the kittens, vaccinations and toys et cetera while they stay in quarantine for two months.

P.S. The distance was 311 miles from the Dutch city of Eindhoven to Bracknell, UK. And the kittens were next to the engine for three days. They are super cute too. Look at the one, top-right.

Story: BBC.

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