Three high quality photos of cat rescue after Hurricane Florence

Some great but uncomfortable photos of cat rescue will no doubt be taken after the latest hurricane hits the east coast of the US. At the time of writing this article Hurricane Michael is wreaking havoc in Florida. The dust has hardly settled on Hurricane Florence. However, some really nice, high quality, cat rescue photographs have surfaced from that disaster.

One of them relates to an article written by Elisa showing a cat clinging onto a trailer in floodwaters.

Cat rescued during the Hurricane Florence flooding in NC has now turned into a search for a feral cat who desperately needs a home

In the photo of the cat clinging onto a trailer, the flooding occurred as the Northeast Cape Fear River breaks its banks in Burgaw, North Carolina, on September 17, 2018. All the photos below were taken in the middle of September and Hurricane Florence officially ended on Sept. 19th according to Google.

Here are the three photographs.

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