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Three Legged Cat — 9 Comments

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  3. That was a hauntingly beautiful video. Charlie has a stunning pair of eyes and the most provocative gaze ever, and Binnie is simply gorgeous.

    • Thanks Mayen. Charlie is still with me. He is a great cat. However, he does has obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD). He over grooms. And scratches too much. He has no fleas at all. Anyway thanks for the comment.

  4. I hope this forum is still open ,id just like to say that my wee cat, Casper,
    when only two,he was wild and adventurous one day he was found near to death with multiple injuries where it is thought he was reversed over by a car(judging by his injuries) broken jaw,pelvis,shattered front leg and internal organ injuries,im pretty sure if he hadnt been recognised it may have been an easier decision to put him to sleep ,as it was the kind person that found him took him to a vet 7 miles from my home (the nearest vet is only around 2 miles away) so how fortunate that he was taken to the furthest away vet as my two neices are vet nurses there and one of them recognised casper right away! they contacted us and told us the bad news ,we decided if there was any chance of him surviving and not suffering then we would like him to have that chance ,as it is 12 years later hes still a living breathing wee scamp with a healthy appetite for food and fun even after having had his front shattered leg amputated ,other wild life still suffers at the end of his claws unfortunately ,even Birds!He has a healthy voice still getting us up at all hours during the night to move over and give him “HIS” bed and feed him now and again we love him to bits hes still a wee kitten in our eyes and the best decision i ever made in my life was to let him have a chance!

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