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Three nice pictures of Sphynx cats — 2 Comments

  1. They require a great deal of extra care. I don’t consider them a breed but an aberration that should not have been pursued so humans can have a novelty item. https://pethelpful.com/cats/Sphynx-Cats
    While I agree with the physical maintenance it’s also written from a point of prejudice that a Spinx is more affectionate and needs more physical love and companionship than other cats. My 4 cats greet me at the door and Frog literally arches up and leaps to meet my hand for her first pet. The others wait in line for their first loves. It is perhaps the Sphynx cats need for handling and grooming and bathing that acclimates them to being very bonded to humans. I was saddened to read comments in the article that if you don’t want a needy overly affectionate cat get a breed that has lesser needs or upkeep. Even cat owners will perpetuate the myth that cats are not loving and very attached to their people.

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