Three sibling kittens cuddled up on a public bench wait to be rescued

This is very strange. Rare I’d say. I have never seen it before. This is a bench in a public place, next to a sidewalk (pavement). How did they get there? One thought comes to my tired, cynical mind. The owner put them there. She/he abandoned them. They curled up together to stay warm. We don’t know how long they were there. Not that long I suspect. Perhaps half a day. I think my suggestion is correct as all three are clearly siblings and they are domesticated. Feral kittens wouldn’t behave as they do in the video below.

Three sibling kittens cuddled up on a public bench wait to be rescued
Man finds three sibling kittens on a public area bench curled up together. What to do? One thing: adopt them and rehome them if you have to. Image: Screenshot.
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And along comes a nice guy who does the only thing that can be done under the circumstances unless you have a heart of stone. He feeds them but I hope and believe that he went a lot further and adopted them and found a home for all three either all together or individually. It’d be nice to think they were rehomed together.


This is the Twitter video from which the screenshot was taken.

Three domestic kittens huddled together on a public bench. They’ve got to be abandoned. Feral kittens would not react like this.

It is just a bit weird though. Having to guess, and on the presumption that they were abandoned, it is not a bad place to commit the ‘crime’ (it is a crime to abandon cats in some US states and in some jurisdictions) as someone is bound to come along and see them. The abandoner hoped that they’d be rescued.

Although, if they’d had a little more courage, they could have rehomed them themselves (on the basis I am correct in their origin). It is sad to see that a lot of people who end up with unwanted kittens through carelessness in not sterilising adult cats end up being too embarrassed to ask a rescue organisation to help or rehome the kittens themselves. Perhaps they see it as easier to dump rather than struggle to rehome.

If you look under the bench, you’ll see what appears to be the base of a discarded container. I wonder if the person who abandoned them left some food out for them? A thought. A guess again.


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