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Three Tiger Temple Buddhist Monks Charged: Allegedly Attempting to Smuggle Tiger Skins and Parts — 9 Comments

  1. Monsters walk amongst us in many disguises.
    It’s such a sad world where we can’t trust those that we look up to and are believed to be above standard.
    I hate having to be suspicious of so many professional, ie. monks, priests, teachers, etc.

  2. In their next life, the monks who perpetrated this will come back as cockroaches and the tigers as housecats amused by bug hunting.

  3. you are right, this is a total outrage. I will never understand how anyone could treat any living thing in this manor. I am glad they are taking the necessary steps to close them down. It should have been done long before it got to this point.

  4. While I do not share the typical western (misinformed) view that buddhism is the religion of peace and love, I am not at all surprised, in view of history and of the countless acts of violence against people and animals that (some) adherents of this belief system have perpetrated, to see that, once again, hypocrites parading under the guise of piousness have been in the business of profit-making, avarice and greed, completely uncaring of the suffering and death they have caused. As is true in every case of cruelty and callousness, though, it is the PERSON/PEOPLE involved, and not the religion, that is responsible, and it is the PERSON/PEOPLE who are guilty of these most heinous of all crimes, those against the innocent and blameless, that must be prosecuted and dealt with accordingly.

  5. Again the connection to poverty and easy money which equals temptation which is something that is dealt with in every religion. And it’s never good. Has the Dalai Lama spoken of this ?
    And you can bet that the tendrils of the tiger trade extend far beyond the temple itself. Likely the whole community has been profiting from this behavior.

  6. Horrendous and cynical. Monks of all people acting illegally, indecently, inhumanely, cynically, hypocritically and it makes me mad to read this.

    These monks should be prosecuted to the fullest extent. The temple should be closed permanently and Thailand should get its act together to stop being a trading post for Bengal tiger body parts poached from India.

    • AMEN Michael Broad. This is a disgrace and travesty. The story got me so damned angry I could hardly write about it. These “Monks” should be ashamed of their actions-there is nothing holy or spiritual about them. How can they call themselves spiritual leaders? Disgusting!

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