Three-year-old Girl Raises Tiny Rescued Kitten

This is one of those beautiful little stories in which a young girl raises a tiny rescued kitten who was probably near death and who is now a thriving, healthy tabby cat.

Girl raises tiny kitten
Three-year-old girl raises tiny kitten. Photographs are copyright Carrie Anne Castillo
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I’ll be honest, I don’t know an awful lot about the background to the story; for example, where it takes place. We do have the family name: Castillo. Perhaps it doesn’t matter that we don’t know where it is – it is probably America. All we know is that a very young girl decides that she wants to be involved in looking after this extremely vulnerable, rescued kitten and apparently does a wonderful job of it.

The girl’s name is Isobel. She named her tiny kitten, Squirrelly because I suppose this little grey tabby kitten looked a bit like a squirrel. The kitten was rescued by a person named Anthony. At the time of the rescue the kitten was virtually newborn with placenta attached and covered in ants. You can well imagine that Squirrelly was fast approaching an early death when Anthony scooped him up and brought him to Isobel’s family.

I believe that the girl’s mother is Carrie Ann, who taught her daughter how to feed Squirrelly. Of course, mother helped but it would seem that the biggest and long-lasting connection was made between the 3-year-old girl and her cat companion.

Under what must have been excellent caretaking and leadership from mom, Squirrelly grew up from a tiny, fragile newborm to a handsome cat. Isobel and Squirrelly are inseparable. I’m not sure what one can add to that beautiful little story except to say that both the girl and the kitten benefit no end from this relationship.

It is one of those extremely mutually beneficial relationships because the girl would have learnt about cats and about respecting cats and animals and of course a lot about cat caretaking. It is obvious what benefit the kitten received: life itself and, in life, health and contentment.

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  1. What a beautiful story of such a young child wanting to nurture that tiny fragile kitten. Totally warms my heart after hearing all the bad stuff. Well done to mom as well for certain for showing her how to care for another being. This beautiful cat has 2 wonderful humans to thank for his life today 🙂


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