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Three-year-old Girl Raises Tiny Rescued Kitten — 11 Comments

  1. What a beautiful story of such a young child wanting to nurture that tiny fragile kitten. Totally warms my heart after hearing all the bad stuff. Well done to mom as well for certain for showing her how to care for another being. This beautiful cat has 2 wonderful humans to thank for his life today 🙂

  2. After all the awful things we read about the way humans treat cats this is such a heartwarming story, what a lovely little girl Isobel is, I hope they have many, many years of love and friendship ahead.

  3. What a lovely story to start my day! I love the pictures of Isobel and Squirrelly, she will be such a wonderful and responsible cat lady when she grows up 🙂

  4. that’s an awesome story and i agree with what everyone else has said. Its a good start to her life of being a cat lover and cat carer. Great to see this in kids

  5. Congratulations to Isobel’s mother for instilling that caring in her child.
    Exactly how it should be.
    By the way, Isobel isn’t a common American name. I tend to think it is scottish.

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