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Through her behavior this cat tells Iraqi journalist that she needs a human — 3 Comments

  1. This is hard to think about but the absolute hardest is what the cats and dogs endure and mostly are fatal victims of. The suffering and failure of humans there to realize and care about it is too sad to bear. If only for this reason alone I can’t feel any sympathy for human plight or differences there.

    • I feel exactly the same way. The longer I run this site the more despondent I become about the domestication of the cat globally. The US is not bad – generally pretty good but for things like declawing which is a horrible stain on the landscape. But go elsewhere and you see so much suffering and ignorance about cat welfare. It is awful. On a global level the domestication of the cat is a failure.

    • It’s hard, if nigh impossible for the uneducated and brutalised to understand that human beings are ‘animals’ too

      Similar to you, I often find it hard to experience anything approaching empathy for humans who harm other species, whatever their circumstances….

      …ignorance & war, ignorance & neglect, ignorance & rage, ignorance & emotional pain, ignorance & physical pain, ignorance & harm, ignorance with no intelligence, ignorance and religious creed or faith….

      Ignorance = the ultimate enemy.

      It starts wars, it’s behind every harmful act that humans perpetuate on other species and the whole planet.

      Add a couple of molecules of greed and you have exactly where we are today.


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