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Tiara My Persian Kitten

Tiara My Persian Kitten

by Kuki

Tiara - Sleeping Beauty

This is Tia, 5 month old white fluffy kitten.. very loving and can be very stubborn and revengeful at times, but forgives easily when showered with few kisses .. lol...Tiara is very non-vocal and will hardly meow. When its time for her food we have to plead her to say "meow" and then comes out a very soft, broken -" me - a" or " m -a" sometimes when we ask her to meow, she'll just trick us by opening n closing her mouth - pretending to soft spoken..

She is so playful, runs at the speed of light up n down the house chasing anything from her toys to a piece of paper, loves jumping n hiding in plastic bags and cardboard boxes.. and chasing "moving legs" hehe.

Very difficult to groom her, specially waist down, she just won't allow to touch, she loves sitting in cool places, so u can see in the picture, she's made herself comfortable on the cool glass coffee table.. she loves to sit in the bathroom, this is bad for her fur if there's a bit of water around the place..and its so sad to see her beautiful fur matting up.. some really horrible matts have formed over the months. I have tried to cut it out, but the ones near her legs & armpits are impossible to remove..i am going to try baby oil..

Well, that's about my Tiara.. please let me know if there's any other remedy to remove these rock hard matts that's hurting my poor Tiara..


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Tiara My Persian Kitten

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by: Anonymous

The answer to getting the oil out and also killing any fleas is "DAWN LIQUID"

Jul 20, 2010 MATTS ON CATS
by: Anonymous



Sep 19, 2009 Last comment
by: Michael

Ruth you are a very sweet women.

Sep 19, 2009 So sorry about Dizzy
by: Ruth

Farah I am so very sad for you about Dizzy.Nothing anyone can say can help you, you never get over losing a much loved pet but with time you do get used to them not being around.
Having had cats over 35 years I've lost some feline 'soul mates' too and it really is heartbreaking ! Only time can help.
Take care
R.I.P dear little Dizzy

Sep 19, 2009 Nothing to do with the post but wanted to talk
by: farah

my persian cat had just died. his name was dizzy, and he was a cream and chocolate colour. he had a chocolate face, legs and tail. he was the soppiest cat to ever have lived. i miss him so much. there will be no other cat to replace him. he was so unique.

Sep 09, 2009 thanks again
by: kuki

Thanks again.. the oils are still there on her, but like you said, another bath will make it alright. i'l be taking her to the vet tomorrow to remove the matts below waistline 😉

Sep 08, 2009 oily coat
by: Ruth

I agree with Michael, the only way is by shampooing her again with a mild shampoo and rinsing well.Don't feel too bad, you did what you thought was right and you know now when you get her put right, to groom her daily so she doesn't get matts again.
If all else fails, phone your vet and ask if a nurse can sort it out for you.

Sep 08, 2009 Shampoo?
by: Michael

Hi Kuki, I presume that you used a mild shampoo, perhaps a cat shampoo. I would have thought that would do it. In fact as far as I know that is probably the only way to break down oils. You may have to give another bath. Or in time it will go of its own accord.

Sep 07, 2009 help . .
by: kuki

hi.. i finally managed to get all the matts out of her fur, except one small one near her armpit.. But i got a big problem now.. remember i had put baby oil on her, well although i gave her a long bath tryin to take off all the oil..seems like the oil is stil there and its looking really horrible.. how do i make al this oiliness disappear? please help . . . wish i never put the oil on her . . :'(

Sep 06, 2009 nice to hear from u guys
by: kuki

Thanks Ruth & Michael for the advice. i actually tried the oil already(before reading ur post), but my mom was so mad at me for tryin it out, i had to bathe her n remove all the oils. After bathin her while she's still partially wet, she does sit still. So i picked up her scissors n slowly, carefully cut out 3 huge matts (one on the chest, one on the rump and another near her hind leg)..Guess im pretty skillful at this too..Feel so sad that there are bare spots all over..i'l try playin with her with the brush.. n the treat. yea i forgot to give her that, well she so mad at me, she'd probably bite my fingers

Next step : Trip to the vet..

Thanks guys..

Sep 06, 2009 Tiara
by: Ruth

Tiara is beautiful and I know what a problem it is with long haired cats as we had one at one time. He hated being groomed and the vet I worked for told me that his fur grew slightly crooked and would matt if he wasn't brushed and combed daily. So what I did was make a game of it, you could start now while Tiara is still young, let her grab the brush and have a kick and bite at it, brush her as long as she will let you, then let her play again. You really need to make this an everyday thing so she gets used to it. Baby oil isn't a very good idea, it will make the matts sticky and if the skin under them gets wet, it will be sore.I think you will have to have a vet nurse or a groomer sort the matts out she has now and then make a fresh start with her daily grooming routine.Make it fun for her and give her a treat afterwards too.
Good luck.

Sep 06, 2009 I love to hear from Qatar
by: Michael

Firstly, I love to hear from Qatar as it makes this site truly international. Thank you very much for sharing.

I also love Tiara. A very beautiful cat. Now down to the practical stuff. I have the same problem (well me and my cat have the same problem). She is a cat that is old and who needs grooming by me but she makes it difficult for me, very difficult, in fact. This puts me off doing it and so matts tend to appear just like for Tiara, on her lower half (rump).

It is too late to retrain her to accept grooming "below the waistline" so I just muddle through. I groom her when I can (daily more or less) and I do cut off the matts off from time to time. I know this seems doggy (dangerous) but I am extremely careful and I think quite skilled at it. If I wasn't I would not do it.

Perhaps a professional groomer might be the answer. I find my cat behaves better at the vets for example. I mean she is more passive and accepting at a vets (probably through uncertainty etc.). This though means expense and a degree of upset which I don't like the thought of.

Anyone with a fabulous solution?

Michael Broad

Hi, I'm a 71-year-old retired solicitor (attorney in the US). Before qualifying I worked in many jobs including professional photography. I have a girlfriend, Michelle. I love nature, cats and all animals. I am concerned about their welfare.

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