Tiffany Cat Picture

Tiffany cat picture

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This is a fine Tiffany cat picture. I think, actually, it was taken by Judy’s husband and if that is the case, please forgive me.

The Tiffany is a rare cat breed. It is a purebred cat. However, you will not find this cat in most mainstream books on cats. There is also considerable confusion surrounding the name as different countries adopt similar names for different cats.

“Girl” is not officially purebred as far as we know. But I would like to briefly touch on that tricky subject. A cat is purebred when his or her parents are purebred and so on up the parental chain. A cat is a purebred, pedigree cat when the births are all recorded by a cat association/registry.

However, there must be informal purebred cats all over the world, particularly on islands, preferably small islands or island habitats (landlocked in some way). If a population of random bred cats is confined to a certain area where they interbreed these cats must be deemed purebred. They are not recognized by a cat association nor are they registered but they are purebred nonetheless. Sometimes these informal cat breeds are discovered and adopted by the cat fancy. The Manx is an example. The Bahraini Dilmun is the next possible cat breed.

“Girl” could be purebred. She looks refined like a purebred cat. She looks like Arthur, the Tiffany who illustrates the page on this site on the Tiffany cat.

The Tiffany is either a man-made hybrid cat breed or a discovered cat that was developed and refined through selective breeding. I am not sure which is true. If the breed was not man-made then the sort of cat that was discovered in 1967 was a cat like “Girl”.

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  1. Update, Girl passed away October 13, 2014 and our whole family was deeply depressed. We still mourn her and hear her meow at times, we imagine. Miss Pompadour,Midnight and Girl will be sorely missed and she will ALWAYS remain in our hearts we love her and it will take a long time before we get another pet. No pet will EVER replace her she is irreplaceable!! Peace out we love you Girl… Miss and Love you!!


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