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  1. Not sure site still here date wise
    I think my guy a tiffany but not sure as was a free cat. Very beautiful black/brown undertones. 4 yrs old now. Fairly vocal and snuggly greets me aftr work. Btw what food best idea for his uti blockage history advice since too many links and who to believe. Thanks A

    • You can buy ‘prescription diets’ for this but for me the best diet for UTIs is wet food (say boiled deboned, fish) plus added water (add it to the fish) to help flush the urinary tract. Avoid dry food and buy best quality wet plus as stated foods such as fish+water. The Tiffany genes are seen in non-purebreds.

  2. I suspected my cat was a Tiffiny. Our cat Shadow was hanging out in our back yard. My husband and I already had a cat and was concerned about him. He would not come to us but did continue to hang out way back on our very large property. Finally one day my husband called me out to the garage and said he had something for me. I walked out and OH MY GOSH!!

    There he was; a very hungry, very skinny and the most beautiful cat I had ever seen! My husband knew I had been very concerned about him but we couldn’t catch the poor thing. He finally decided to come into our garage because he was so hungry.

    We allowed in into our home but because he was not used to being around people he never left my side. The first day he would not leave my feet and he thought I was too close to him and he did bite me because he was scared. I did have to go to hospital and they were very upset because we took in a stray! I knew he was just scared and but we adopted him and welcomed him into our home.

    End of story: he’s is ours! When we took him to the vet to get fixed even though he was so thin they had to use 2 collars put together to go around his neck. I knew at that time he was going to be a big cat. Shadow is huge but a gentle giant. His fur is pitch black but when sunlight shines on him it has beautiful hints of red. He is just beautiful. Oh yes and his eyes!!!! He has the biggest paws I have ever seen on a cat. He has very large teeth as well. All who see him love him. Don’t forget that lovely main like around his neck and that beautiful full tail.

    He is excellent with children. He does not shy away from people and will simply walk away when he’s had enough.

    I am very grateful he came to our house we just love him.

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  4. I to have a beautiful pair of these cats that adopted me one day when they were about 5 weeks old .they were wild born and their mother went out one might and never came back ( I had found a big black coyote had gotten to a few nights before) and next thing I know have this little black fur ball ball between my feet meowing away up at me , and another one crawling out a hole in the wall of an abandoned building making twice the noise letting me know he was here to . Well I couldn’t just leave hungry little kittens like that. so put them in canvas bag and took them to my ladyfriends to get them fed good and take them to humane society next day .they had other plans for me though and here 5 yrs. Later almost to the day still do . I have no idea what they plan for me next but their beguiling ways and loving nature’s have been such an appreciated gift to our lives let them do as they will they more than deserve it . . Oh and did I mention they are gorgeous !! always keeping their luxurious coats combed and shiny , never messed up or dull . Guess I’m going on a bit about this breed because that’s what they are , a well put together one for it to stand up to less than pure lines mixed in and still have such strong and consistently recognizable traits and intelligent loving nature’s I I have not seen very many of these cats only one other live one , and the rest pictured here or there in cat fancier magazines but it only takes one glance at these charming cats to recognize them as tiffanys . A very well done mix , and my hats off to the people who brought them into the world.

  5. Wow at first when I got my cat, I thought oh she’s just a domestic cat with a different look. And every month that went by I kept thinking something was different about her she has her own unique look that I have yet to seen. Maybe she is mixed. Maybe she is a chantilly. Which I hope she is, she’s my world and that would make her that much more special. She is about 8 months now.

  6. Magic is our Tiffany cat. We adopted him from our neighbors who moved. He loves to be let in and out of the house 12 times(at least) per day! He is wild and crazy and loves to hunt. He likes to get close and tap you with his tail. I think this is his way of keeping tabs on his people! He is almost 10 years old, but he still runs around and plays like a youngster. He has a very strong personality — not shy either. Here is a photo:

    Tiffany type cat

    • Magic sounds like a wonderful cat. Thanks for telling us about him. Your picture – which I would love to see – was too large to upload. What you could do is email it to me and I’ll add it to your comment or if you like messing around on the internet, just below this box you’ll see a link to very short page on how to reduce the size of the image online.

  7. Thanks so much for the website/page on Tiffany cats. My beloved and belated Dusty (1995-2012) is so much like Arthur. Congrats to him for being the Archetype TIffany cat!

  8. Precious is 8 yrs old, likes to take showers, talk, and stand at the wheel likes shes driving. Love her very much.

  9. I have two of those that I got as fosters from St. Francis Society. I just could not let go of them. Their coat is the softest thing I’ve ever seen, and they are so loving. I have a male and female (Jack and Jill, can you believe it?), and they are really sweet and playful. The most noticeable difference with other cats is the silkiness of the coat. I’ve had and seen lots of cats in my life, but never a coat as soft as this. They are really lap cats, love to be with you everywhere. I’m really happy I got them, they were already one year old and nobody wanted them because they are (or seem black) and they had to be together, because they love each other to pieces :). They are a blast!

  10. You’re right of course, and there is a strange dichotomy in the world of cats when it comes to the concept of “breed”. because on the one hand , breed is really a human concept.
    On the other hand sometimes people use the term ( in the phrase “natural breed”) for what scientists sometimes call “landrace “.
    It’s also true that in the established cat fancy, or sometimes as a point of national pride, there has developed all sorts of mythology around both of these concepts — I mean in some cases people like to imagine that some cats were only bred in some controlled breeding programs by some high ranking priests or royalty etc. . in other cases people like to imagine that a breed that actually resulted from people breeding different sort of cats together, really is a pristine landrace from long ago history.

    I may have sounded a bit like that myself in saying that this Tiffany / Chantilly wasn’t a “natural breed”. (because where does one draw the line? How old does it have to be? I admit I’m not sure… but I still wouldn’t call it that. And I realise you were just sort of tossing ideas around.

    I honestly think that sometimes people just have trouble believing in the beauty of the random-bred cat. so they see a gorgeous cat and think surely humans must have created this!

    BTW, I love that you have given attention to the Anatolian cats and the misinformation about the Turkish Angora and Turkish Van.
    particularly the Angora which has been changed much more.

    • The philosophy behind cat breeding and the breeds is worth a book. You could argue that arrogant humankind thinks he can improve on nature and tries to do it by owning a cat and making it better looking.

      We don’t own cats and can’t improve on them through breeding and in case we are just pandering to one of our less attractive traits, to possess nice looking things and turning the cat into an object.

  11. Hi Michael.
    I wouldn’t consider a few instances of people finding a small number of brown longhair cats in North America as evidence they were a “Natural Breed” like a Maine Coon or NFC, anymore than finding pointed longhair cats in North America or the UK would mean that THAT was a natural breed.
    I have never heard of evidence there were a bunch of these cats running around America in the early 1800s or before that.

    The brown / chocolate color gene ( abbreviated with lower case b), an alternate allele at the Black locus, certainly seems to have originated in Southeast Asia, and got to other countries via the Siamese and Burmese . ( For that reason this color is not permitted in natural breeds like Maine Coon or Norwegian Forest Cat, because it is considered a sign of hybridization with cats from a distant part of the world, and not a part of the natural breed. )

    Just like the pointed allele has been spread into cat populations in Western countries due to Siamese breeding with the local cats, the same thing to a lesser extent happened with the brown (chocolate) allele. So sometimes brown “Domestic Shorthairs” or “Domestic Longhairs” turn up.
    The fact that some of these are foreign or semi foreign in type may also be due to having a bit if Siamese ancestry. but probably they really pop up with a range of type.

    There were some of these brown longhairs found in the 1960s. and someone wanted to make a breed from them.
    It seems that at some point a breeder may have also crossed Burmese with longhairs as part of trying to create this Tiffany breed.
    Later on someone else found some more longhair moggies and tried to “revive” the breed.
    But it really has not gone anywhere.
    You mentioned the reluctance of registries to recognize the breed; that just reflects the lack of enough people working with the breed and trying to get it recognized.

    But due to the lasting and endless repetitive nature of the internet, the same limited amount of information about this apparently virtually non-existent “breed” continues to be found in online searches, and new articles are still today being written repeating the old information, so that there are now more people than ever who think they have suddenly discovered they have a cat of this breed!

    There are more beautiful longhair moggies (not just brown cats but black ones, including some black cats with coats that have turned partly reddish brown due to sun etc. but it’s not the same thing as a cat who has 2 copies of b ) now being labeled as “Tiffany” / “Chantilly” than there EVER were such cats bred in breeding programs. and people are posting photos of their cats today and labeling them as that breed. Then other people think “Hey my cat looks like that , it must be this Tiffany/ Chantilly breed!”

    Re “foreign type”: This was used a long time ago to describe the Siamese, which started with that body type but then via selective breeding developed a more extreme type than what existed naturally.
    So , some people came up with a new term at that extreme end of the range of type to mean the body type of the modern Siamese & Oriental: it’s called “oriental type”.

    Examples of current breeds described as foreign type include the Thai in TICA, or the Abyssianian & Russian Blue in TICA & GCCF — cats noticeably more elongated than average but not extremely long or extremely fine boned. (though I have to say, some of the Abys and RBs are getting increasingly refined. I hope we can avoid that in the Thai while also avoiding going in the opposite direction)

    • Hi, thanks for the long and useful comment. I completely agree with you by the way.

      This page was one of the first on this cat breed. There are hundreds of thousands more cat websites since and they all regurgitate the same stuff and steal photos etc.

      I have presented a conventional view with some questioning. But…

      You could argue that no cat breed is natural because cat breeds are man made. The only natural cats are random bred cats because once breeders get hold of a moggie say from Norway that they like and start breeding it and modifying it and crossing it with other breeds and so on the naturalness is removed.

      The cat breeds are what I call a mashup. Even the ones that are meant to be pure like the Chartreux are not pure due to human failings.

      The more I know about cat breeds the more I doubt the usefulness of their existence.

      The Turkish Angora is an American product far removed from the original as another example. And the Turkish Van is a Turkish Angora and both are moggies in Turkey. And the Van does not like swimming…etc etc. There is a lot of make believe in the cat fancy.

      Sorry it that sounds cynical.

      Over-refinement is a mistake and wrong. It is not refinement but a distortion of what the cat should like. “Refinement” is a human concept far removed from the natural cat.

      I could go on for pages and there are lots of pages on PoC about this subject.

  12. この型のキーを押しますそれは与えられた意志バッグ
    ルイヴィトン がよく知られているは長期時間。その後彼は設立ルイヴィトン維持事務所、登録商標 ルイヴィトン。これ する必要がある-ブートがある
    特性 豪華なツイン-直面して シープスキン最大限のため
    coziness。 クレイジー 狂気のいけ これらバッグを持つ 設定 アップ。

  13. I feel like this is the closest thing I have found to maybe finding a new chantilly/tiffany. My “zuma” little girl passed away and I am desparately looking for another. The personality of these cats are very, very special. Mine was black. Do you know of any available? Can you point me in the right direction? Much thanks, Debra

  14. My cat, Mandy, looks just like the Tiffany. The only difference is her eyes. Mandy has green eyes. Does that mean she isn’t a Tiffany?

    • I am going to stick my neck out say that your cat’s green eyes do not exclude her from being a Tiffany. You should find a Tiffany breed standard if you can and check that way.

  15. The picture of Arthur is exactly the same as my little sisters cat Bartok, (I thought she must have put it up as he likes sitting in the haystacks, till I saw the byline). They are from a breed that is common in the victory area of Nelson New Zealand. You can find quite a few of them there, and I have found although they look fluffy, they are really quite silky and less of a problem to me as an allergy sufferer.

  16. I am SO happy to have found this post. My husband and I have wondered for SO long what breed our beautiful Gus was, and now we know! We rescued him from a shelter 7 years ago where he was deemed “unadoptable” and was scheduled to be put down. One look at his beautiful eyes and we knew he was “salvageable” with the right amount of love. After spending 8 months hiding under the bed and only coming out at night to eat briefly, he is now the sweetest, most gentle, wonderful boy. Hope everyone is enjoying their tiffany/chantilly as much as we are. He’s an absolute joy 🙂

    • Love conquers all. Your story is so typical of many others I have read where a cat is “unadoptable” but is really just frightened. I think people need to reassess what adoptable means.

      I am so pleased your saw the potential in him and through patience and love brought the best out of him. I guess he just need some love and kindness so that he could find confidence in people.

      Thanks for posting. I am sure he is a very handsome cat as well.

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