Tiffany looking for a new home! (Jan 2012)

by Bill
(San Jose, CA)

Blake outside

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Blake outside

Blake outside Chocolate Tiffany

I did not realize that we have a pure-bread (even if the association does not recognize the breed 🙂 )

I only started looking for the breed info as we are trying to find a new home for our cat Blake. My son has allergies to cats and is developing asthma, so with a heavy heart we are looking for a new home for Blake (as of January 2012).

So if a Tiffany lover is looking for an addition to their family, we'd be happy to ship him within the US to the right person.

Please email blake.thecat6 (at) gmail (dot) com if you have a spot for Blake.

More about Blake:

- 6 yo male, neutered
- Chocolate medium-long hair, with plumed tail and a distinctive mane.
- Blake's personality is mellow & laid back. He's not a lap cat, but needs human attention and interaction. He will sleep on your bed if you let him.
- Blake likes being outdoors, to roam and be active. He may occasionally bring a mouse, but knows to leave it outside.
- He is a well behaved cat; does not scratch furniture or jump on counters. He can also be trained to avoid certain behaviors (e.g. we are keeping him out of the upper level of the house, and it only took a couple of stern warnings for him to understand that this area is off-limits).
- Blake received his shots in September 2011
- He currently resides in San Jose, California.


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Tiffany looking for a new home! (Jan 2012)

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Jan 09, 2012
The Black Cat looks like Mine
by: Anonymous

Yes they do shed and those wipes may or may not work! You Kitty is beautiful and is quite charming and playful I bet. Good luck and hope you fine a wonderful home for him! Judy in Brookhaven:)

Jan 09, 2012
Allerpet C
by: Riverside Robyn

Have you tried a product called Allerpet C? It is available on in liquid form or as wipes for about $8. I find that a once-a-week application (I like the wipes)keeps my allergies down. I use one wipe for five cats.

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